HMS Frigate Unicorn

HMS Unicorn and her near-sister ship, HMS Trincomalee, are surviving sailing frigates of the successful Leda class.

Listed as part of the National Historic Fleet, Core Collection, The Frigate Unicorn is now a museum ship in Dundee, Scotland.

HMS Unicorn was built in peacetime at Chatham Dockyard, Kent and launched in 1824. Her lack of active duty left her timbers well preserved, and in the 1960s steps were initiated to convert her to a museum ship.

The paranormal activity reported at this location varies, with previous manager right through to present day Ship Manager Robert Hovell, all reporting something rather spooky about this historic vessel.

Mr Hovell, has reported a full body apparition, dressed in uniform, move around the top deck. As the apparition approached the north side of the ship, it vanished, not far from the vessels wheel.

Other noises are often heard, but the natural sounds of the ship must always be taken into consideration. However, it is pretty evident through numerous reports, separate from the ships manager, that something rather spooky is transpiring upon this historical vessel.

I had the privilege of Investigating the location, back in 2006, during a particularly cold Friday night in December.

My files here remind me of my awe, at seeing the silhouette of the Unicorn, as I walked the dock area. I also note the meeting with the fantastic manager Bob, who truly loves this ship as his own.

The night was filled with interest indeed as Fiona, a local Clairvoyant from Kirkcaldy, sensed and communicated with many energetic characters.

Noises were also evident as Fiona, also heard shuffling, at the exact point that another team member reported a camcorder defocus.

We finished off, the search for paranormal activity, on the top deck, where I personally had set up a recording device for audio.

On inspection of the trigger objects, and surrounding devices, it was duly noted that the digital audio recorder had shut itself off. On closer inspection, the device had sufficient battery power and more than enough folder space. This was never solved!

The only other thing of note, from a physical point of view, was a rather loud bang that originated from the rear of the top deck. This coincided with recorded temperature drops on the equipment, and could not be identified as a natural sounds of the ship.

So who or what walks this magnificent vessel?

Lets hope one of Scotland’s many researchers into the paranormal, answer that very question.

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“HMS Unicorn and her near-sister ship, HMS Trincomalee, are surviving sailing frigates of the successful Leda class.”

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