Haunted Scottish Castles

Thank you for visiting the ‘Haunted Scottish Castles’ section of the website.

Often, here at Haunted Scotland, we are informed by our friends and readers, that we are very much blessed to be resident in a country with such historic wealth.

We firmly agree with this, and we display gratitude at every turn by promoting, visiting and sharing all the material we possibly can.

The aim is to allow our overseas u0026amp; UK friends, the opportunity, to virtually visit Scotland’s very best Castles u0026amp; Historical hot spots.

The listed castles in this section of the website, have been pulled from files, up-to, a decade in age. Thus, you can imagine that further upgrading of the information, images, activity u0026amp; material is ongoing.

During 2014, and beginning imminently, we will be going through each and every listing here in order to tidy, upgrade and re-present the facts to you.

Haunted Scotland visit information, videos and photographs will be added, as and when completed. We will also be using data and information directly from the locations very own staff members who contact Haunted Scotland.

Websites, which house the historical information will have full credits, and links pointing through, with regards to any snippets used on the Haunted Scotland website. (We will not use full blocks of text for both copyright u0026amp; respect to the locations/website owners but will give snippets and full links to their work)

Do you have a story of ghostly activity at a castle near you?

Would you like to see additional information added, your Investigation listed, or have us use your photographs or videos?

Please send information and material to: Ryan@Haunted-Scotland.co.uk

If anything is missing, or information is deemed to be wrong, please contact us by email using the contact us tab of the website.

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