Haunted Scottish Castle Video Tour | Spotlight on MacDuff’s Castle

Haunted Scottish Castle

Haunted Scottish CastleThe spotlight falls on the impressive MacDuff’s Castle in East Wemyss, Fife, as we take a Haunted Scottish Castle Tour while filming the exploration.

This castle’s associated with the MacDuff Earls of Fife, the most powerful family in Fife during the middle ages.

The present historical ruins are the remains of the home of the Wemyss family, who lived here from the 14th century and are the successors of the MacDuffs.

The castle’s said to have its own spirit presence, local and national tales suggest it’s that of a grey lady.

Said to frequent the areas between – and including – the caves and the ruined remains Haunted Scottish Castleof the castle. There’s a name associated here too, Mary Sibbald, who was found guilty of theft and died in the castle.

Is she the reason for so many reported sightings at this Haunted Scottish Castle?

In the following video we explore the castle, listen to some past captured audio and show the surroundings areas of this fantastic location.

Haunted MacDuff's Castle | Paranormal Activity Ghost Voices

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