Haunted Scottish Castle | Spirit Communication Session

Haunted Scottish Castle | Spirit Communication Session

Haunted Scottish CastleThe hidden treasure within East Lothian’s countryside and well away from the more well-known Edinburgh haunted hot-spots, we have a stunning small location with a massive part to play in Scotland’s history.

Many people miss Hailes Castle completely on their visit to Scotland, or underestimate its beauty along with that all too familiar mix of paranormal activity.

It may not be the spooky atmosphere of Mary Kings Close, or the grandeur of the stunning Glamis Castle, but make no mistake, the witness testimonies of ghostly behaviour are every bit as significant and of great interest.

I know this location inside-out, I’ve been visiting for well over 10 years,  and still I find fresh intrigue each time I sit and marvel at the beauty from within the grounds.

I’ve spoken extensively about the history and paranormal activity associated with Hailes Castle, so I will not go over this with great depth, you can get that information at THIS link.

Highlighting Paranormal Evidence

Before you view the video below from the July 2016 visit to Hailes Castle, I want to Haunted Scottish Castlehighlight just one piece of history in relation to the upcoming audio capture from within the castle.

This castle belonged to the Hepburn family during the most important centuries of its existence.

A branch of the family originated in Lothian when a Hepburn was granted land having saved the Earl of March from a horse that had lost control. This family first became the Lords of Hailes before being granted the Earldom of Bothwell.

The family were prominent in various ways at various junctures of Scottish history, but all were primarily located around the East Lothian area.

Keep this in mind while you watch the video – in particular the audio capture section – where listening live to the audio via headset, I heard what could be termed a very intelligent reply from an unknown source.

Haunted Scottish Castle | Spirit Communication Session

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