What is Haunted Scotland’s Raison D’être

Restenneth PrioryHaunted Scotland’s Raison D’être

This actual question was posed to me lately during a meeting, where I was asked what this whole thing entails. In other-words, what is Haunted Scotland’s Raison D’être – ‘reason for being’ – and what is the thrust of the forward movement to be here.

Some seem to think it’s a company, much like the fantastic tour companies that operate in places such as Edinburgh or our friends at History & Horror Tours in Perth. I’m afraid that is rather wide of the mark, and I have no skills in such areas either.

I’m a paranormal investigator, researcher, and observer of the mysteries – more skilled in afterlife topics – and my main focus is to write, report, present and finally visit with others the various locations we are lucky to have access to here in Scotland.

My skills, for lack of a better description, lay squarely in the area of looking into alleged cases of paranormal activity. This is done freely as an organisation that does operate non-profit and in a self-funded way. Let me tell you – and I’m sure my colleagues will back me up in the field – you lose a lot of money as it is a rather expensive topic to be involved in.

What Is The Goal Here

The Clocktower at PittenweemSimply put, the sharing of information, knowledge, experiences, and further interaction in this absolutely fascinating topic. The raising of awareness has been the main fundamental throughout all my projects in this field, taking back the conversation from academic ramblings to the real people who have witnessed.

In time – and it will be a long one at that – we will have access freely available to everyone who wishes to look up every single specific location and information from Scotland. This may be other local research teams, tour companies, TV researchers or members of the public!

We will also host all audio captures, videos, and reports for everyone to get access to and critically analyse for the sake of transparency and sharing of resources.

Progression will only arrive in such fields when people open up and work keenly together in such transparency ways.

What about Events or Public Investigations

I find this a very worthwhile area for a number of reasons ranging from personal Our Event Friends!experiences for the public, through to educational and entertainment. Social aspects are very much excellent for some one to one conversations and sharing of experiences.

Is it all about making money I hear some ask, well no, I can only speak from a Haunted Scotland perspective, but as a non-profit organisation who does keep extensive files and documentation so laws are adhered to, as said above, out-of-pocket and not into pocket is always the way of it.

In my experience of people who put on events, usually locations need paid, insurance for public liability, and a whole host of travel and the like must be met.

So I would assume that it was far more worthy of the event – and possible resulting evidence – rather than any type of monetary gain. Although as said, there are tours companies who solely operate successfully from this angle.

I do get asked to go on many events, help host them, festivals, and similar interesting projects and I love the interaction with the people. If my time is free from my other duties, then I love the whole being involved socially.

The Nature Of Reality

what is haunted scotland's raison d'êtreThe opening of ones eyes to all around them, wakening up to the bigger picture outside of societies bubble, and questioning life and what exactly we are, why we are here, and what is it all about. Can there be any larger questions in this lifetime?

Are we all seriously going to blindly sleepwalk towards death without finding out if there is such a thing as the afterlife, and what is with all those reports of spirits anyway, why does the world react to my life events with weird synchronicity, and on and on and on.

These all dovetail lovely with the paranormal topic, they are part of a larger picture of consciousness, our growth in this reality, and our progression overall. This is a topic I will cover more on this website as we progress through the year!

I tell you what, we are not just mere machines who have popped out of nowhere!

What is Haunted Scotland’s Raison D’être then!

So what is Haunted Scotland’s Raison D’être then! Well, It’s about growth, learning, What is Haunted Scotland's raison d'êtrereading, thinking deeply, taking part in the journey, and most of all exploring ones own consciousness and life as a whole.

I know ‘ghost hunts’ are fun, location investigations with the team is a joy and that we all love hypothesising over topics too. In the greater picture of it all though, there is a massive topic that truly is stranger that fiction and only a select few are speaking about it!

So the reason for being is to instigate the conversations, but to also do it in a light fun way for everyone to grasp.

As said from day one, this is an organisation for everyone, not merely a company or some type of business that runs 9-5! This is a lifetime exploration and reporting of those mysteries we just can not get enough of!

So lets dig even deeper! Look out for more location visits, public sessions and likewise projects coming this summer!

Till Then, Take Care!

Ryan O’Neill
Haunted Scotland
Paranormal Research & Consciousness Exploration

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