Haunted Red Castle Of Lunan In Pictures

Haunted Red Castle Of Lunan

Haunted Red Castle Of LunanThe Red Castle of Lunan stands on high ground overlooking Lunan Bay, on the North Sea coast.

Immediately to the north of the Castle is the mouth of the Lunan Water, with the hamlet of Lunan beyond.

Let’s look at some photographs from this location, and see if they can evoke imagination with regards to the pure historical aspect, with a sprinkle of paranormal intrigue.

1. The Hunting Home Of King William The Lion.

The earliest structure on the site was built for King William the Lion – in the late twelfth century – to repel Viking invasions at Lunan Bay. William would even take up residence here whilst on hunting expeditions.

The Red Castle Of Lunan 2

2. The Red Castle Of Lunan.

The castle is referred to as rubeum castrum (Latin for Red Castle) in the deeds of 1286, referring to its red sandstone, which was typical of this area.

Haunted Red Castle Of Lunan 2

3. Overlooking Lunan Bay.

Lunan Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches in Scotland, the Bay has attracted many visitors throughout history, from Viking armies in the 10th century to generations of modern-day holidaymakers from around the world.

Haunted Red Castle of Lunan 3

4. The Wandering Ghostly Energy.

It’s said that the ghost of Cardinal Beaton haunts the area – however mostly concentrated in the nearby Ethie Castle – Beaton’s ghost is no stranger to this part of Scotland.

Haunted Red Castle Of Lunan 4

5. Gruesome Death Of Beaton.

Cardinal Beaton was murdered, corpse mutilated, and left hanging from St Andrews castle window you see. Such an awful untimely death may be the catalyst for his wanderings in the afterlife, as he seeks to find peace.

Haunted Red Castle Of Lunan

6. The Local Lunan Lodge B&B.

Did you know, visitors to the Lunan Lodge B&B have reported seeing a horseman who rides down the drive but is thrown from his horse at the same spot. And there are stories of singing in empty rooms.

Children staying at the B&B also claim to play hide and seek with a little stable boy.

Haunted Red Castle Of Lunan 6

7. Is Lunan Therefore a Hotbed of Paranormal Activity.

Concentrated pockets of paranormal activity certainly raise the eyebrow to the possibilities of Lunan being a hotbed for such energies to manifest.

Haunted Red Castle Of Lunan

8. Come See For Yourself – Visit Lunan Bay.

Whether it be for the stunning beauty of the east coast of Scotland, or in search for some spiritual energies said to wander such locations, perhaps even to soak up the historical atmosphere, a visit to Lunan Bay – and Red Castle – is an absolute must for all.

Haunted Red Castle Of Lunan 7

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