Haunted Island – Trip To Loch Leven Castle

Haunted Island – Trip To Loch Leven Castle

Haunted Island It’s not often you get the opportunity to visit a haunted island with a historic castle that housed famous Scottish royalty.

So when the opportunity arose to make the drive to Kinross, situated 28miles north of Edinburgh, I jumped at the chance along with my teammates Greg Stewart & Ally Reid.

On this occasion, we would need to take a boat across the water to the small island that houses Loch Leven Castle. Once on the Island, we would be stuck there until the return of the boat

On the bank’s of the Loch, outside the Historic Scotland ticket office, we would wait till it was our time to make that journey, to see if we would sense the spirits that are said to wander the Island and remains of the famous castle itself.

Brief History

Haunted Island Loch Leven Castle is relatively small, consisting mainly of an outer curtain wall, the tower house and another smaller tower called the “Glassin Tower”.

Probably originating as a small stone-built keep Loch Leven was a royal castle from 1257.

The English Army even built a fortress here at the end of the 13th century.

Blind Harry – a famous Scottish Author from the 1400’s – told the story of William Haunted Island Wallace, he suggests that Wallace may have captured Loch Leven Castle and it truth it was undoubtedly in Scottish hands when Robert the Bruce came to the castle in 1313 and again in 1323.

So historically, all the leading players in Scotland’s historical struggles have walked this area.

However, after the death of King Robert, the English attempted another invasion, and at one stage Loch Leven was one of only five castles in Scotland which the invaders failed to capture.

King David II strengthened the castle in the middle of the 14th century, and he built the tall tower house which still survives. The castle held out again against Edward Balliol and the English in 1335.

King Robert II later granted the castle to Sir Henry Douglas – My wife’s ancestors and clan – and the Douglases held the castle up to the 17th century.

Mary, Queen Of Scots

Haunted Island The key figure we wish to focus in on here is Mary Queen Of Scots.

Following an uprising, Mary Queen of Scots was taken as a prisoner to Loch Leven in 1567. She was forced to abdicate in favour of James, her one-year-old son as the elitist nobles no doubt were engaged in a power grab behind the scenes, something not uncommon back in those times as they jockey for position and titles.

She did escape the island after a year, but following her defeat at the Battle of Langside, she fled to England hoping for support from her cousin Queen Elizabeth of England. But instead, she was imprisoned until eventually being executed in 1587.

The English crown had killed the Scottish Queen, a much-loved figure who was tormented in her life.

Paranormal Activity

Loch Leven castle is reportedly haunted by Mary, Queen of Scots, at the spot where Haunted Island she signed her abdication. However, keep in mind, this much loved Queen is seen at a lot of Scottish locations, so caution is advised as the apparition could easily be any female who has a connection here.

Looking at the rich history of this property – as we just spoke about – It’s little surprise that witnesses frequently share a plethora of reports with regards to mysterious apparitions and ghostly energies to this area.

Let’s go deeper still and surmise that this may, in fact, be trapped energies of a residual nature.

Non-sentient hauntings are recorded replays that fire off under the correct environmental conditions. Think about pressing play on a DVD, the instant images and sounds embedded on the disc then shows on the screen for you to enjoy. You can not interact with the characters on the DVD; IT’S MERELY A REPLAY OF THE CONTENT WITHIN.

Haunted Island In the case of non-sentient hauntings, usually, the replay is that of an emotionally driven situation that seems to replay over and over through the centuries.

Could this be what is transpiring on the island due to Mary’s grief?

The actual trigger for such a replay to fire could also be more to do with the witnesses, their mindsets, the emotional vibration they emit and such.

If you are interested in such theories and the depth of the topic, I do go into this to assist people in their research in my upcoming book that will release this October.

This visit was not a full investigation, it was more a chance to soak up the atmosphere of a haunted island, and it’s castle. That is not to say we were not piecing together the story, checking out the lay of the land, and as always we do some audio recordings wherever we go.

Will we communicate with Mary, how about other spirits of the island or even perhaps any attachment that followed us to leave their message on our devices?

The analysis continues.

Haunted Castle Scotland - Secluded Lonely Island!

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