Haunted Fisheries Museum In Pictures

Haunted Fisheries Museum In Pictures

Haunted Fisheries Museum in Anstruther.The award-winning Scottish Fisheries Museum is located at the harbour of one of Fife’s most picturesque seaside towns, Anstruther.

The museum occupies a warren of buildings that run along the east side of the harbour.

In this picture article, we look at some night-time shots from within the Haunted Fisheries Museum, in Anstruther.

1. The Scottish Fisheries Museum.

Opened in 1969, it has grown over time into a very large complex, occupying a number of converted buildings set around three sides of a cobbled courtyard.

These include two Category ‘A’ listed buildings: the 16th century Abbot’s lodging and an 18th century merchant’s house, both of which have historical associations with the fishing life of the village.

Haunted Fisheries Museum 1

2. The Reaper.

The museum collection contains many model boats, fishing gear, a significant historical photographic archive and paintings.

In addition to the traditional exhibits, the museum also boasts a collection of 18 boats, the pride of which is the 104 year old twin masted herring drifter, Reaper.

Haunted Fisheries Museum 2

3. Paranormal Activity at The Fisheries Museum.

Given that the Scottish Fisheries Museum occupies such a wide array of old buildings, it is no surprise that there have been reports of paranormal activity.

Heavy footsteps have been heard by staff when the building is otherwise empty.

Haunted Fisheries Museum 3

4. Dark Figure Walks The Buildings.

Staff has also witnessed stones being thrown as well as a dark figure appearing inside one of the boats that is housed within the museum.

During our initial walk-around in our 2015 Investigation, we were followed by an energy that was creaking the floor boards with footsteps behind the group. This was very evident, and witnessed by multiple people.

Haunted Fisheries Museum 4

5. Various Unexplained Phenomena.

Also reported are some very sharp temperature fluctuations, bad feelings in certain areas, a strong smell of pipe smoke, as well as a staff member experiencing her chair being shaken when nobody was near.

Haunted Fisheries Museum

6. The Fisherman’s Boots.

A pair of old boots that hang as a museum piece in The Fisherman’s Cottage were once removed from the cottage, this was followed by a series of strange events that only stopped when the boots were returned. The boots still hang there to this day.

Haunted Fisheries Museum

7. One Of Scotland’s National Industrial Museums.

Did you know, The Scottish Fisheries Museum is now acknowledged as one of Scotland’s national industrial museums and its collections formally recognised as being of national significance.

Haunted Fisheries Museum 7

8. Next Time You’re In Anstruther…..

The museum, shop and tea room are open 7 days a week, all year round, except during the festive period when they close for a few days.

So why not book a tour, and see if you can experience some ghostly behaviour from one of the countless energies that seem to wander this superb East coast location.

Haunted Fisheries Museum 8

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