The Haunted Caves Of Wemyss | The Mysterious Court Cave

The Haunted Caves Of Wemyss

The Haunted Caves Of Wemyss East Wemyss was one of several coal mining communities along the south coast of The Kingdon Of Fife in the east of Scotland.

This coastal area is known for its caves ( The name derives from Gaelic uamh, ‘cave’); where we have eleven caves with several of which containing Pictish incised carvings.

Overlooking the caves – and closely connected to them – is Macduff Castle, an area you will know from our previous research.

About 6,000-7,000 B.C, the sea formed this series of caves and I think they have The Haunted Caves Of Wemyssanswers to the mysteries of this area.

The caves were documented by the archaeological television programme Time Team in 2004, the excavations uncovered evidence of prehistoric, Middle Iron Age, Pictish, Medieval and post-medieval activity, including a new Pictish carving.

With such deep history, mysterious energies, apparitions and locals tales are never far.

Paranormal & Mysterious Activty

The Haunted Caves Of WemyssLocal tales tell of a piper who played his way into the Court Cave and never came out.

The very cave that we start this journey in. (Yes, we will diving deep into all accessible areas and bringing you the results)

The Picts, James V, Gipsies, smugglers, Druids and Pagans have been here, but are their spirits still walking the area?

Mary Sibbald was the daughter of the Laird of Balgonie Castle and alleged to have had the misfortune to fall in love and elope with one of the gypsies living in the Court Cave.

The jealous Jean Lindsay – the ex-partner of the man – is said to have planted a brooch under her sleeping mat. The next morning, Lindsay declared her jewellery stolen and thus a search began and turned up the brooch.

Mary – accused of the theft – was tried and found guilty in the Court Cave by Baron The Haunted Caves Of WemyssBaillie. She was sentenced to 12 lashes of the whip and after great sorrow, died of a broken heart as she was being soothed by a friendly Monk.

Lindsay always denied accusations of having borne false witness against Mary. Yet at one point the apparition of a white-clad woman with blue eyes entered the cave for a mere few seconds, it was Mary’s spirit. Enough was the experience, a frightened Jean Lindsay confessed to her dastardly deed.

The apparition of Mary Sibbald or ‘The White Lady’ made several appearances at both the caves and Macduff Castle.

Is Mary still here? What about the Piper? Do we have energies associated with the Picts?

During one visit with Project Paranormal, to show this wonderful area and in particular, the Court Cave mentioned above, we had various movements around us.

Rustling leaves with no animals nearby, various dripping sounds yet no wet spots or visual explanation and even a return visit by myself on a lovely sunny day where something moved at the entrance area.

Our equipment would malfunction or the batteries would drain fully. As we lost the ability to visually record this, the activity would increase. EM Energy spikes were highly noticeable over this short period of activity. To go all quiet after!

Audio captures are clear from here and can be heard on various videos by Haunted Scotland, Fife Paranormal Research Society and Project Paranormal.

We will seek more answers and update as we follow the evidence here.

The Haunted Caves Of Wemyss | Part 1: The Mysterious Court Cave

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