Haunted Castle In Scotland – Sad Return

Haunted Castle In Scotland – Sad Return

Haunted Castle In Scotland that not many know about or visit. Balvaird Castle is a traditional late medieval Scottish tower house. It is located in the Ochil Hills, around 3 miles south of Abernethy.

The castle dates to around the year 1500 and was owned by Sir Andrew Murray. The Barclay family once held the Lands, and before this current build, most likely we would have had a previous Barclay castle.

This one can certainly be added to the growing list of Haunted Castles In Scotland.

I was last at Balvaird Castle on the 3rd March 2017, where I filmed extensively, conducted Live Streaming to Facebook and waxed lyrical about exiting plans for 2017, to get everyone involved on social media and go seeking the truth of the afterlife together LIVE from the location.

It would be the next day, in the evening, that I would discover my father had just had a major heart attack and died at his home. This would shake my world, remove me from the desire to research and cause me to go missing from Youtube, Facebook and abandon all my plans. Nothing mattered anymore.

Haunted Castle In Scotland - Sad Return 🙁

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