The Haunted Cammo House & Estate

The Haunted Cammo House & Estate

.The Haunted Cammo House & EstateSituated in the North East Of Edinburgh, a mere 6 miles from the city centre in a stunning affluential area lies the impressive Cammo Estate.

Once here, stood a stunning house which was built around 1693, but sadly is now reduced to ruin with no main lasting features outwith the facade.

To the east of this, however, we do still see more structure where once stood the stable blocks which is a stone throw away from the water tower connected to this once vibrant estate.


Speaking of stones, and a bit of a digression, the Cammo Stone (Stane) sits here too, about 5 foot tall and about 4 foot wide It’s fairly rounded. I did not have time to view this, but my research shows me where it is for future exploration.

This excites me due to my ongoing hypothesis with regards to earth energies, our ancients mapping the lands and the connected ‘thin places’ and possible crossing worlds between the physical and non-physical. The Haunted Cammo House & Estate

It was in such areas that our ancestors would come to tap into the energies of the earth, conduct rituals, communicate with the spirits and access other aspects and areas of consciousness.

So this moves us perfectly into the realms of reported activity from this estate.

Paranormal Activity

Lady Tennant lived on this property, in the grand house, when one of her sons emigrated to America. It’s said that after this she had become withdrawn with her own health – and that of the property on this land – had begun to deteriorate.

It would, therefore, be after her death that reports of a lady floating throughout the grounds would surface. This varies by reports, but mostly we find her apparition floating down the perfect lawns, perhaps the main driveway and certainly near the ornamental canal.

The Haunted Cammo House & EstateI would suggest, if this is so, that an area of absolute interest would be the sandstone remains of the Stable-Block to the east of the main house.


If we see a connection to the buildings, this specific area will be one of lasting intrigue for our non-physical friends. Still mostly intact ouwith the roof removed and made safe by the local authorities, this 1811 structure is stunning.

It is by no means the oldest structure on the estate, as mentioned the small remnant of the house has that one in the bag.

Could this be a beacon for Lady Tennants wandering spirit though?

I’m going to suggest it will, for if we take the reports as fact and we do have spirit activity by a consciousness that is in love with the estate, this area would certainly stand out as a place to go to for emotionally remembering the past.

Then we have the imposing structure that is the Cammo Tower, a water tower that was connected to the estate. Another beacon for possible visitation by The Lady.

I visited the estate on Sunday 24th of September 2017 for an initial material gathering exercise before any decision on a return is made with The Haunted Cammo House & EstateFife Paranormal Research Association.

Photographs, video, 360 videos and even a little audio recording was conducted, and as always, these are now under analysis.

Work will begin imminently to put together some content for the public to access, which may include future visits with FPRS as mentioned above and some Live Streaming if you wish to join us virtually for the exploration.

Please Check back for content updates as they are released.

In the meantime, I publish all content initially to everyone who has liked our FACEBOOK Page; this is also the place to watch free Live Streaming from locations, take part in prize draws and for information to join Fife Paranormal Research Association sites, talks and walks. Give it a like if you haven’t already.

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