Haunted Balvaird Castle in Pictures

Haunted Balvaird Castle in Pictures

Haunted Balvaird CastleBuilt around the year 1500 for Sir Andrew Murray, Blavaird Castle is a particularly fine – and complete – example of a traditional late medieval Scottish tower house.

It’s likely that Balvaird Castle was built on the site of an earlier Castle belonging to the Barclay family. Substantial remnants of earthwork fortifications around the Castle survive from earlier defences.

Let’s look at some photographs from this particular location, from the visits conducted during 2015….

1. The Seat of Sir Andrew Murray – Balvaird Castle

Sir Andrew Murray – a younger son of the family of Murray of Tullibardine – acquired the lands of Balvaird, in Perthshire, through marriage to the heiress Margaret Barclay, a member of a wealthy family.

Haunted Balvaird Castle

2. Paranormal Activity – Small Anecdotal Accounts.

As for paranormal activity, this castle is little known for such with only a few pieces of anecdotal evidence, and thus it’s accepted only in lieu of more solid evidence.

Haunted Balvaird Castle 2

3. Persistent Research & Location Visits.

I would be reluctant to share it on Haunted Scotland, if it were not for Stuart Mackie, Fiona Williamson, and I visiting in 2005 which yielded not only interesting information on non-physical energies picked up by Fiona, but also a rather strange occurrence as we departed.

Haunted Balvaird Castle 34. Weird Static Energy Incident.

While ready to head home a very strange vibrational energy zapped between Stuart and I. This caused me to drop the bag I was holding, and Stuart to move to the side and grab his ear.

We had no logical – nor rational – explanation for this, and even trying to describe this rather strange event is difficult.

Haunted Balvaird Castle 45. Past Audio Work Gains Results.

Early signs on the Echovox sessions conducted on Saturday 17th August 2013, at this location, suggested interesting material with what sounded like “King George” coming through the device.

Haunted Balvaird Castle 56. Balvaird Castle – Atmospheric & Tranquil.

One thing I shall say in regards to Balvaird Castle is that there is a mixture of atmosphere, tranquil yet that overriding feeling of being watched from the castle windows or surrounding grounds.

You do not feel alone, that goes without saying, and you are forever checking over the shoulder as if being observed.

Haunted Balvaird Castle 6

Now watch this short video, filmed at Balvaird Castle in July 2015, in which we give you a never seen perspective from new angles. Please do let us know what you think…..

Location Video: Balvaird Castle

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