Haunted Balmerino Abbey In Pictures

Haunted Balmerino Abbey

Is Balmerino abbey HauntedBalmerino Abbey is located in Balmerino, Fife, Scotland. It was a Cistercian founded community abbey which dates back to approximately 1227.

It’s said that there’s a strong connection between the Monks from Melrose Abbey, King Alexander II of Scotland, and this stunning historical location. You can almost feel the history with this one.

Let’s look at some photographs from this location, and see if they can evoke imagination with regards to the pure historical aspect, with a sprinkle of paranormal intrigue.

1. Balmerino Abbey: Established in 1227.

Founded in 1227 to 1229 by monks from Melrose Abbey with the patronage of Ermengarde de Beaumont and King Alexander II of Scotland, Balmerino Abbey is deeply historic.

Haunted Balmerino Abbey

2. Connected to Melrose Abbey.

It remained a daughter house of Melrose Abbey, and had approximately 20 monks still in position at the beginning of the sixteenth century, but then began to decline in that century.

Haunted Balmerino Abbey 2

3. Set On Fire By English Forces.

In December 1547 it was allegedly burned by an English force, and allegedly damaged again in 1559 by Scottish Protestants. Balmerino was therefore no stranger to aggression by outside forces.

Haunted Balmerino Abbey 3

4. The Lords of Balmerino.

Did you know, Balmerino Abbey became a dwelling house of the lords Balmerino after secularisation in 1603. It was  converted to a barony and occupied by generations of the Lords of Balmerino.

Haunted Balmerino Abbey 4

5. Is Balmerino Abbey Haunted?

It’s said that ghostly monks can still be seen pushing wheelbarrows around the grounds. We’re unsure where exactly, or whether this is at random spots around the Abbey.

Haunted Balmerino Abbey 5

6. The Spirit in the Keep.

In the main Keep, there’s said to be a spirit who sits and checks the corn for mice and rats. Rather than an active energy with sentient characteristics, this sounds more like a non-sentient replay enacted for the conscious observer who witnesses it.

Haunted Balmerino Abbey 6

7. Why is Balmerino Abbey Haunted

  • Do the Monks still lurk, looking for some peaceful resolution to their historical yet ghastly grim fate?
  • Are the spirits attached to this location due to its raw beauty, and strategic location overlooking the Tay Estuary?

Haunted Balmerino Abbey 7

8. Hidden Gem Within The Kingdom of Fife.

Whatever is going on at this location from a paranormal perceptive, nothing can take away from the peaceful atmosphere – and it’s place in Scottish History – truly a gem hidden within the great Kingdom of Fife.

Haunted Balmerino Abbey 8

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