The Haunted Balgonie Castle | Fife | Scotland

The Haunted Balgonie Castle

Balgonie Castle sits on the south bank of the River Leven near Milton The Haunted Balgonie Castleof Balgonie, a few miles east of Glenrothes, in Fife, Scotland.

The keep dates to the 13th century and the remaining structures added up-until the 18th century. The keep has recently been restored, although other parts of the castle are roofless ruins.

Balgonie is a Scheduled Ancient Monument.

The lands of Balgonie were held by the Sibbalds from at least 1246.

The tower was built by 1296, the same year King Edward I of England storms and captures Berwick-upon-Tweed, sacking what is at this time a Scottish border town, with much bloodshed.The Haunted Balgonie Castle

Around the 1360s, the Sibbalds built a fortified courtyard, with a tower house at the north-west corner.

The lands and the castle passed down to a daughter, who married Sir Robert Lundie, who extended the castle in 1496, following his appointment as Lord High Treasurer of Scotland.

Sir Robert built a two-storey range of buildings to the east of the keep, enlarging the accommodation with a long hall. This range incorporated an earlier corner tower and the 14th-century chapel.

King James IV visited Balgonie on 20 August 1496, and gave 18 shillings to the masons as a gift.

The castle’s still entered via the 15th-century gatehouse. This part is semi-ruinous above the ground level. However, a guard room and prison are intact within. The gate opens onto a courtyard, containing a well, with various buildings surrounding.

Paranormal Activity

The Haunted Balgonie Castle“Green Jeannie”, has wandered the ruinous 1702 wing for over two centuries. walking between two rooms linked by a doorway, she is said to walk in a left to right direction behind the two barred windows, stopping only to peer into the walled courtyard from the second window.

I witnessed one of the Deer Hounds stand, bark and stare towards this area during our previous Investigation as Fife Paranormal Research Society.

That is not all, however…….

Another spirit that roams Balgonie Castle is that of an old man. While the Laird’s wife was said to be resting in the Great Hall, she had opened her eyes to find a bearded apparition – grey in statue – in what looked like 17th-century costume staring towards her.

Other spirits & apparitions include a grey man who uses a non-existent door in the main courtyard and a disembodied head with Ruff that floats around stairways near the hall

Reports of a lady are witnessed in the corner of the same main hall, dressed in period costume, looking sad and possibly a former servant or The Haunted Balgonie Castlehousekeeper.

Witnesses have seen a spirit dog at the castle too.

During an investigation in 2017 at the castle, while working as part of Fife Paranormal Research Society, we had a rather average yet interesting night.

Things would begin to step up a gear as we approached our final session inside the room next to the chapel.

As we made our way in from the cold to a rather warmer area that sat in darkness, an eerie silence began to manifest into a rather peculiar situation.

Tired after a busy night of observational work, we would be shaken out of our comfort by a chill in the atmosphere.

In a blink of an eye, the environment went from a peaceful darkness into an energetic chill that seemed to be floating around us at a slow pace.

The Haunted Balgonie CastleOur Electromagnetic Meters began to pick up an AC fluctuation that was not evident throughout our night of observations.

Isolated to one area, this energy would not set off other carefully placed devices. However, it was trackable, moving and causing a chill like nothing else experienced that night.

I followed the icy cold energy, as did my colleagues, and gave direction for it to speak towards the recording devices if it could.

On analysis of the recordings we could faintly hear spoken words, maybe not as crystal clear as we would have liked, but evident none the less.

Other situations to note was the complete draining of the devices as if whatever was present was sucking the AC energy from within these.

Only a few times have I witnessed shivers and goosebumps radiate in waves through my body, so this was unmistakable to me. Subjective, Yes I know, but factual none the less.

So is it little surprise that we would return here as a team on Sunday the 30th of July 2017?

This time we would not encounter the same situation, but on initial analysis of the data and night in question, yet again we are left with a ton of questions and only a handful of spooky answers.

Balgonie Castle is active, and its an Interactive activity for sure.

The research continued!

The Haunted Balgonie Castle | Green Jeanie & Other Energies.

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