Has anyone heard of ghostly vehicles?

I know it might seem odd but I think I may have seen one!

The following a reader submission to Haunted Scotland

To explain: My friend and I were on our way to North Uist and were driving the western route to Fort William and on to Kyle of Lochalsh. Anyway, we were north of Fort William driving through the winding roads of the Highlands and we both witnessed a set of headlights approaching us very quickly from behind. As it was early in the morning, and we thought it was a typical boy racer type, we pulled over to let him pass. As we did so, the lights disappeared and no car could be seen or heard!

We thought it strange, and after a few minutes we continued on our way. After about another ten minutes the same thing happened, the lights approached, we pulled over, and again nothing passed.

This occurred another two times and we even got to the point of doubling back to see if someone was having a prank, which was impossible because there was no where to hide a car.

We had the car windows wound down and on each occasion there was no sound of an engine!

Feeling very upset we ended up high tailing it out of there very quickly indeed.
We told my friends uncle on arrival about the experience and he had had a similar experience on that exact same stretch of road just a couple of months before.

Could this be paranormal?

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3 thoughts on “Has anyone heard of ghostly vehicles?”

  1. The exact same thing happened to me and various others. We all went on a modern studies trip to the Scottish Parliament. As we traveled back to the Isle of Skye, on that same stretch of road , what you described happened to us. It was pretty cool to be honest and my adrenylin was rushing insanely.

  2. Hello Jamie,

    Thank you greatly for sharing your personal experience, it really does make a difference, as it further enhances the files and in turn, helps those who are scared to speak out about similar happenings.

    I’ve never been to the beautiful Isle of Skye, something I must remedy. Tell me, are there may paranormal stories, legends and the such in the area? I loved this particular experience, as its widely reported to us here, from many similar roads.

    Thank you again for sharing!!

    Ryan 🙂

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