World Known Sceptical Magician Confirmed The Afterlife Does Exist

World Known Sceptical Magician Confirmed The Afterlife Does Exist

World Known Sceptical Magician Confirmed The Afterlife Does ExistsOften in circles relating to pseudo-scepticism and blatant cynicism – with regards to paranormal events – we’ve members who are all too happy to name drop individuals as some proof about their rigid belief systems.

Many have even tried to emanate said big names – in search of big dollars and lots of publicity – for their materialist aims in life.

Not forgetting massive fame and media performances to boot.

Unfortunately, we have a significant portion of people who follow these names and worship them as Gurus, who will save us all from the World Known Sceptical Magician Confirmed The Afterlife Does Existsirrational believers.

Regularly we hear the cry “If it’s true, why not take the big dollar challenge on offer.”

This phrase often is used as a defence by a selection of people who think they are more intelligent and educated than us mere mortals who research in this area tirelessly.

Let’s rewind a little though; let us go back to that first magician of excellent talent, Mr Ehrich Weiss AKA Harry Houdini.

The first gentleman to proclaim that all Spiritualist Mediums were fake and that he could replicate them.

Remind you of anyone today?

World Known Sceptical Magician Confirmed The Afterlife Does Exists

It was after his mother died that Harry turned to exposing mediums more determinedly.

According to psychic medium – and breaker of the Houdini code, Arthur Ford – there is no doubt that Houdini educated himself in the field of psychic phenomena, but always looking for the catch.

Much like James Randi today – with his preposterous ridiculing of our greater minds in science – Houdini was the originator of such behaviour.

He also believed that he was much smarter than the prominent men due to his stage talent. Seems like a text book for Mr.Randi who has enjoyed copying Houdini for his accumulation of wealth.

He branded liars of all Spiritualist Mediums and liked to uncover facts upon which to base a story of an exposé, something that also goes on today and likewise, was not dependent upon actual circumstances.

As Ford says

“He was the self-appointed exposer of fraudulent mediumship and ridiculer of Spiritualists, he built himself the biggest reputation in America, and probably in the world”

As you can see, history has a habit of repeating itself, OR some have a habit of sensing an opportunity while deceiving their followers.

First Contact

World Known Sceptical Magician Confirmed The Afterlife Does ExistsFebruary 8, 1928, when a group of friends which included Francis Fast had a sitting with Arthur Ford, the spiritual medium. Mr Ford entered the trance state while being aided by his guide, Fletcher, and it was at this time he would make contact with Houdini’s Mother, something Harry longed for in his life, to hear a magical word that would have proven decisive in his direction.

“She tells me that she is the mother of Harry Weiss, known as Houdini.” Fletcher appeared very much interested in this person and began to quote her. 

“For many years,” said Houdini’s mother, “my son waited for one word which I was to send back.

He always said that if he could get it he would believe. Conditions have now developed in the family which make it necessary for me to get my code word through before he can give his wife the code he arranged with her.

If the family acts upon my code word he will be free and able to speak for himself. Mine is the word ‘FORGIVE!’

Capitalize that and put it in quotation marks. His wife knew the word and no one else in all the world knew it.

Ask her if the word which I tried to get back all these years is not ‘FORGIVE!’ I tried innumerable times to say it to him. Now that he is here with me I am able to get it through. Tonight I give it to you, and Beatrice Houdini will declare it to be true.”


The following day, Mrs Houdini received the message. She was completely amazed and thus, made a public statement over her signature that this was

“the sole communication received among thousands up to this time that contained the one secret key-word known only to Houdini, his mother, and myself.”

To Spiritualist Ford she wrote:


My dear Mr. Ford,

Today I received a special delivery letter signed by members of the First Spiritualist Church, who testify to a purported message from Houdini’s mother, received through you. Strange that the word “forgive” is the word Houdini awaited in vain all his life. It was indeed the message for which he always secretly hoped, and if it had been given him while he was still alive, it would I know, have changed the entire course of his life – but it came too late. Aside from this there are one, or two trivial inaccuracies – Houdini’s mother called him Ehrich – there was nothing in the message which could be contradicted. I might also say that this is the first message which I have received among thousands which has an appearance of truth.

Sincerely yours,

Beatrice Houdini

The Big Code – The Evidence Of The Afterlife

It was to be several months till the breaking of the BIG code, countless sessions of spiritual contact and the drip drip drip of words and coded secrets.

These would make their way from the afterlife through to the sitters, then ultimately Beatrice.

Houdini and his wife had formed a pact, a promise to reveal a secret code that only they knew, that would confirm the survival of death.

To ensure the code would be cracked, the coming together of minds would be required. Beatrice whom IS in the physical and Houdini from the afterlife.

Of course, this was via Ford the Spiritualist Medium.


Here is the story in Ford’s own words:

World Known Sceptical Magician Confirmed The Afterlife Does ExistsFollowing her husband’s suggestions (via spiritual communication), Beatrice Houdini (pictured left) arranged to have me come to her house the next day, accompanied by three members of the group and a representative of the press. Two of her own friends joined us.

As soon as I was well into trance, Fletcher came through, announcing, “This man is coming now, the same one who came the other night. He tells me to say, ‘Hello, Bess, sweetheart,’ and he wants to repeat the message and finish it for you. He says the code is one that you used to use in one of your secret mind-reading acts.”

Then Fletcher repeated the ten words as he said Houdini was giving them to him. “He wants you to tell him whether they are right or not.”

Mrs. Houdini replied, “Yes, they are.”

“He smiles and says, ‘Thank you, now I can go on.’ He tells you to take off your wedding ring and tell them what ROSABELLE means.”

Drawing her left hand from under the cover she took off the ring and holding it before her sang in a small voice:

Rosabelle, sweet Rosabelle,
I love you more than I can tell,
O’er me you cast a spell,
I love you, my Rosabelle!

Fletcher continued, “He says, ‘I thank you, darling. The first time I heard you sing that song was in our first show together years ago.'”

Mrs. Houdini nodded her head in assent.

“Then there is something he wants me to tell you that no one but his wife knows,” Fletcher went on. “He smiles now and shows me a picture and draws the curtains so, or in this manner.

Evidently that was the clue for the unfoldment of the next part of the code, for Mrs. Houdini responded in French, “Je tire le rideau comme ça.”

Through Fletcher, Houdini went on, “And now the nine words besides ROSABELLE spell a word in our code.” Very exactly he then explained the code. “The second word in our code was ANSWER. B is the second letter in the alphabet so ANSWER stands for B. The fifth word in the code is TELL, and the fifth letter of the alphabet is e. The twelfth letter in the alphabet is L and to make up twelve we have to use the first and second words of the code.”

Continuing in this intricate way to the end he said, “The message I want to send back to my wife is: ‘ROSABELLE, BELIEVE!'”

Fletcher then asked, “Is this right?”

“Yes,” answered Mrs. Houdini, with great feeling.

In conclusion Fletcher repeated Houdini’s final words. “He says, ‘Tell the whole world that Harry Houdini still lives and will prove it a thousand times and more.’ He is pretty excited. He says, ‘I was perfectly honest and sincere in trying to disprove survival, though I resorted to tricks to prove my point for the simple reason that I did not believe communication was true, but I did no more than seemed justifiable’. I am now sincere in sending this through in my desire to undo. Tell all those who lost faith because of my mistake to lay hold again of hope, and to live with the knowledge that life is continuous. That is my message to the world, through my wife and through this instrument.”

The code was:
1. Pray A 6. Please F
2. Answer B 7. Speak G
3. Say C 8. Quickly H
4. Now D 9. Look I
5. Tell E 10. Be quick J

The message itself was:
Answer B
Tell E
Pray, answer (1 and 2) L
Look I
Tell E
Answer, answer (2 and 3) V
Tell E


World Known Sceptical Magician Confirmed The Afterlife Does Exists


It was after this that Beatrice followed the wishes of her husband from the afterlife, by going public with the news that the code’s broken.

Harry Houdini had survived death and had communicated from the afterlife.

As you can imagine, just like today, there was uproar at any such suggestions and a whole manner of accusations and pseudo-sceptical claptrap, concerning Beatrice and Spiritualist Ford.

Some minds just can never open enough in awareness and remain shut cynically.

The Code’s broken, one only known by Houdini and his wife, Beatrice.

Such was the codes secrecy that it would prove impossible for anyone to even attempt, if not for afterlife communication and the meeting of minds.


Ridicule, Hatred & Greed

The circles that Houdini worked and socialised in was rife with pseudo-sceptics and disbelievers.

Joseph Dunninger, one of his best-known colleagues, had reportedly visited Mrs Houdini to tell her how she was wrong and it was a fraud. She was determined in her insistence that this was 100% fact, but Dunninger paid little attention and went public with his fanciful claims.

It’s little wonder than the Mainstream Press – New York Evening Graphic – picked up the story and conducted a hit piece on Mrs Houdini.

She was accused of fraud along with Mr Ford, ridiculed and inaccuracies levelled until the public began believing in such.

Pseudo-sceptics know no bounds when it comes to protecting their belief systems and money making schemes. They care not for reputation, livelihoods or public perception; it’s an ME ME ME game.

In the end, Mrs. Houdini under massive pressure withdrew her signed testaments from the public domain, but still held her yearly communication attempts on the anniversary of his death.

Also, something the Pseudo-sceptics fail to reveal to the public, she set the record straight to the media publication who lambasted her.

This letter is not for publicity, I do not need publicity. I want to let Hou­dini’s old friends know that I did not betray his trust. I am writing this personally because I wish to tell you emphatically that I was no party to any fraud.

Now regarding the séance: For two years I have been praying to receive the message from my husband; for two years every day I have received messages from all parts of the world. Had I wanted a publicity stunt I could no doubt have chosen any of these sensational messages. When I repudiated these messages no one said a word, excepting the writers who said I did not have the nerve to admit the truth.

When the real message, the message that Houdini and I agreed upon, came to me and I accepted it as the truth, I was greeted with jeers. Why? Those who denounce the whole thing as a fraud claim that I had given Mr. Arthur Ford the message. If Mr. Ford said this I brand him a liar. Mr. Ford has stoutly denied saying this ugly thing, and knowing the reporter as well as I do I prefer to believe Mr. Ford. Others say the message has been common property and known to them for some time. Why do they tell me this now, when they know my heart was hungry for the true words from my husband? The many stories told about me I have no way to tell the world the truth of or the untruth, for I have no paper at my beck and call; everyone has a different opinion of how the message was obtained. With all these different tales I would not even argue. However, when anyone ac­cuses me of giving the words that my husband and I labored so long to convince ourselves of the truth of communication, then I will fight and fight until the breath leaves my body.

If anyone claims I gave the code, I can only repeat they lie. Why should I want to cheat myself? I do not need publicity. I have no intention of going on the stage or, as some paper said, on a lecture tour. My husband made it possible for me to live in the greatest comfort. I do not need to earn money. I have gotten the message I have been waiting for from my husband, how, if not by spiritual aid, I do not know.

And now, after I told the world that I have received the true message, everyone seems to have known of the code, yet never told me. They left it to Mr. Ford to tell me, and I am accused of giving the words. It is all so confusing. In conclusion, may I say that God and Houdini and I know that I did not betray my trust. For the rest of the world I really ought not to care a hang, but somehow I do, therefore this letter. Forgive its length.

Sincerely yours,

Beatrice Houdini


Today, we have the same type of behaviour that Houdini regretted, as evident from the afterlife communication, although he did feel justified at the time while in the physical and grieving over his mother’s death.

We all know the names of those who THINK they have all the answers and regrettably they have a massive following to this day.

Never again should they attempt citing Houdini as proof for their theories, for the history books quite clearly state that the opposite is evident, no matter how hard that is to swallow for some.

Harry Houdini, quite ironically, added proof to the files of the afterlife and survival of physical death.

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