Hampton Court – Footage

Here we have one from the Haunted Scotland archive and such was the interest surrounding it, that it hit the mainstream national press in 2007.

Hampton Court is the venue and what you are viewing below is a possible ghostly apparition, said to be the notorious King Henry VIII, captured by security guards who regularly monitor the location.
The guards were stunned when the ghostly figure in period dress appeared on the screen and proceeded to close the doors.

One guard recalled: “I was shocked to see this eerie figure in the doorway. It was incredibly spooky as the face just didn’’t look human.

“My first reaction was that someone was having a laugh, so I got my colleagues to take a look.

We spoke to our costumed guides but they have no costumes like that. It’s all quite unnerving.”

What do you think, an elaborate hoax played on the unsuspecting guards or a real apparition caught on film…

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