Halloween Is Over

So the Halloween season is over now and the clamber for paranormal stories and experiences dies down for another year. Many with a deep interest will continue to indulge in their love for all things paranormal and in particular; Hauntings & ghostly phenomena. I truly don’t think people understand just how popular this topic is, its massive, and that is witnessed personally here, the weekly hits to this relevantly new site is massive so just imagine what the big projects like Scottish Paranormal are getting. The mind boggles!

So why is the subject of ghost hauntings and spiritual contact so huge despite the cries of impossible from some of the scientific community and all the sceptical/cynical one? Well that’s a pretty easy question to answer, EXPERIENCE! The one thing that trumps it all. Now, I have personally witnessed debates between people who have had very real and very detailed encounters and those who have a head full of jargon and try to debunk ghosts, spirits and anything unseen. It’s a messy situation, clearly we have some who parrot their religion of science, but fail to listen to one of the greatest scientific minds of all time, Albert Einstein who clearly stated “Condemnation without Investigation is the highest form of Ignorance”

It’s pretty frustrating for those who have had a close encounter with the unseen. To have someone who was not there, has already made their mind up and continues by telling you that the experience was all a figment of your imagination. How is that for Ignorance? it’s of the highest degree isn’t it?

Yet, these same members of society will then go on to celebrate Halloween and the stories of worlds veils at the thinnest between out physical reality and the spiritual world. They will buy the costumes, dook for apples and allow their kids to go trick or treating without batting an eye lid.

Haunted Scotland is here to work with people with stories without the pre-judgement, to put the public first and really listen to the witnesses with a caring and sympathetic ear. No matter how hard it is to digest the story, I refuse to pre-judge people based on their experience, where they live or even their personal circumstances. People deserve respect and massive amounts of it if contacting people such as myself for help or to lend an ear so they can share what’s on the mind. As soon as you remove that respect, its down hill for your credibility, compassionate side and then your projects such as this one here.

I suppose it’s easier for me to accept people due to my very open and able mind. I on a daily occurrence reiterate the wise words of Dr Dyer; “Keep your mind open to everything but attached to nothing”

The counter from the cynics is actually hilarious, you know the one, about the brain falling out if you are to open-minded. I am afraid the mind and the grey matter are completely different things and this just highlights the materialist viewpoint of the world that they have.

So now that the celebrations are over once again and we rapidly move towards the festive period, we return to the real stories experienced by many cultures, many countries and even many who subscribe to the plethora of religions. The real meat & potatoes of the haunting genre!!!

Where ever you are, have an excellent week and please do contemplate and keep that marvellous mind wide open to the world around you!

Ryan O’Neill
Haunted Scotland

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