Halloween at Haddo House: Echovox Captures

On Friday 31st of October, starting at 15:00 and finishing around 21:00, Haunted Scotland teamed up with ESP Paranormal Investigation Team to guide groups around the historic parts of the house, and allowed the public to use different equipment to study the paranormal activity at Haddo House.

We are of the opinion, that we sampled some of the activity that is regularly reported from visitors to Haddo House.

Not only were various noises heard – with no logical explanation found – but we also had members of the public feel ill, cold spots, and even tap into their own inner intuition and feel the atmosphere change in certain areas of the property.

To recap, Haddo House in Aberdeen, is said to be haunted by a spirit named Archie, June Marchioness of Aberdeen and Temair – who owned this property – said the spirit was her late husband’s uncle. She continues: “He was killed in 1908 in one of the first motor crashes. I believe he talks – he once told someone that he wanted to see his parents again. I only put married couples in his old room, because it can be quite frightening.

Bryan Boyle – Scottish Mystic – was able to YET again provide information that was very accurate, with some of which even relating to staff members he had never met before. We will ensure that a Spiritual Impressions videos is produced independently from this inclusion.

We would like you to view the following video, paying attention to the captures that may just be voices from beyond the grave.

We are not finished yet either, we will be providing more videos, material and articles about Haddo House in due time.

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