Hailes Castle

Hailes Castle is a mainly 14th century castle about a mile and a half south west of East Linton, East Lothian, Scotland. This castle, which has a fine riverside setting, belonged to the Hepburn family during the most important centuries of its existence. Since 1926, it has been the subject of a state-sponsored guardianship agreement, which is now under the auspices of Historic Scotland.

I have visited this location on many occasions and carried out respectful observations, while fully adhering to the opening times and rules set down by Historic Scotland, whom I am a proud member of and past employee.

I mention this as I am well aware of some groups in the past who have accessed this location out-with the opening hours, usually during the night time and with very little respect for this amazing castle and its neighbours across the road.

I would just like to reiterate at this time, please respect the rules that are in place for a reason. By all means visit the castle and take photographs, video and soak up the atmosphere but do not cause concern for those who live in the vicinity and heap problems onto the shoulders of Historic Scotland.

Paranormal Activity

The activity at this location includes the sighting of a lady in white, rumoured to be the much travelled “Mary Queen of Scots” the figure is said to graciously float through the castle and its grounds. The figure is often sighted by visitors or locals to the area both past and present.

Deep from within the walls of the castle, various banging and moving sounds have been reported, no clear visual data accompanies these sounds.

  • Is it due to wildlife?
  • How about residual energy emanating from the environment?
  • An active spirit seeking attention?

These are the questions in mind as I make the 100 mile round trip back into the Lothians, 18 miles across from last weeks research and observation session at Crichton Castle, and again situated on a fantastic landscape and stunning river.

What will the Echovox session bring us, if anything, this week and was there anything spooky taking place as we wandered these magnificent ruins.

Nothing terribly out the ordinary was logged on location; but I must add a thing of note, the EMF meter going of a few times, once coinciding with a high-pitched noise from Echovox.

Could this be due to non-physical communication, energies or attempted contact? We just do not know!!

The audio’s are under full analysis with initial samples within the following video. We will, as always, keep you updated on any breaking discoveries as they uncover!

We hope you enjoy the material!

Ghosts: Hailes Castle 2013

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“The activity at this location includes the sighting of a lady in white, rumoured to be the much travelled “Mary Queen of Scots””

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