Hailes Castle

Hailes Castle is a mainly 14th century castle about a mile and a half south west of East Linton, East Lothian, Scotland. This castle, which has a fine riverside setting, belonged to the Hepburn family during the most important centuries of its existence. Since 1926, it has been the subject of a state-sponsored guardianship agreement, which is now under the auspices of Historic Scotland.

Paranormal Activity

The activity at this location includes the sighting of a lady in white, rumoured to be the much travelled “Mary Queen of Scots” the figure is said to graciously float through the castle and its grounds. The figure is often sighted by visitors or locals to the area both past and present.

Deep from within the walls of the castle, various banging and moving sounds have been reported, no clear visual data accompanies these sounds.

  • Is it due to wildlife?
  • How about residual energy emanating from the environment?
  • An active spirit seeking attention?

As real-life ghostbusters go, they seem refreshingly open to the idea that headless horsemen and the like are all a load of nonsense. But they are all also clearly desperate to prove that the banging noises and visions of white ladies which locals have reported at Hailes Castle in East Lothian are really supernatural happenings.


With a past including prisoners kept in pits and tortured with burning oil, and a brief and unpleasant stay by Scotland’s most commonly seen ghost, Mary Queen of Scots, the castle’s history is definitely grim enough to make it a suitable home for the odd unhappy spirit.


And after speaking to people in the area, four members of the group are undertaking a series of visits to try and find evidence of paranormal activity – evidence which, if the public fascination with television shows like Most Haunted proves, many people believe exists. – http://www.scotsman.com/lifestyle/outdoors/features/spirited-efforts-to-find-spooks-1-1183453


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