Greyfriars Dark Mass

The capital of Scotland, is under the spotlight again here at Haunted Scotland, with a photograph passed to us from a student of photography at a West Lothian College. Sheena Severn, has kindly allowed the image to be displayed here for the public to look at.

I will let her tell you, in her own words, the background…..

I am a photography student at West Lothian college. Myself and 2 of my fellow students went into Edinburgh last Monday (21st) to do some shooting in the Old Town and Greyfriars Cemetery. We got to the cemetery around 4:30pm, the weather wasn’t the greatest so the churchyard was deserted, apart from us.

We all took several shots around the churchyard, but we didn’t stay too long as the light was fading fast and none of us had a tripod. On return home, whilst looking through the photographs, I noticed that 2 had an unexplained shadowy, black figure in them. They were both shot one after the other at a particular gravestone and at first glance I thought that something had fallen over the lens.

But on closer inspection I realised this couldn’t be the case. I took my memory card into college (it was shot on digital) to get my lecturer’s/classmates opinion, but no-one can give a technical explanation as to what it is?! Both lecturers, with many years of photographic experience, are completely stumped as to what it can be.

Without sounding too macarbe, if you look at if from a distance it really does look like a man, and when you put the 2 photos together it seems like “he” is walking. Incidentally, all pictures before and after these 2 are completely clear!

Lazarus Long on Facebook: Checked with my scanning software does not appear to be a artefact of the camera and as there are no scan lines or blue shifts ..I would say its outside the camera ..

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