Going Deeper Into The Haunted Caves…WOW

Going Deeper Into The Haunted Caves…WOW

We go deeper underground and into the haunted caves! WOW

Sorry about some of the footage and images, we will bring you clearer shots, we did not expect this area or how dark it was to be on our explorations.

So again we gain intelligent replies from ‘bit sound’ files that are no longer than 200ms in length. What causes such, who are these energies that speak?

The hard work NOW begins as we try to piece together what this means for the area we are in, which part we go to next and what else we will discover in these ancient historical caves.

East Wemyss was one of several coal mining communities along the south coast of The Kingdon Of Fife in the east of Scotland.

This coastal area is known for its caves ( The name derives from Gaelic uamh, ‘cave’); where we have eleven caves with several of which containing Pictish incised carvings.

Haunted Scotland & Fife Parnaormal Research Society along with friends such as project paranormal are currently researching the area for it’s history and mystery connections.

The journey at the caves continues….

Going Deeper Into The Haunted Caves...WOW

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