Is Crichton Castle Haunted

Is Crichton Castle Haunted

Is Crichton Castle HauntedCrichton Castle is a ruined castle situated at the head of the River Tyne, near the village of Crichton, Midlothian, Scotland. The castle lies two miles south of the village of Pathhead, and a mile to the south-west is Borthwick Castle.

It was a noble residence for some 200 years, from the late 14th century through to the close of the 16th century. It was seldom the stage for significant events. However, its connections with two influential families – the Crichtons and the Hepburn Earls of Bothwell – associate the place with some of the most colourful chapters in Scottish history.

So, Is Crichton Castle Haunted?

The ghost of a horse & rider has been regularly reported as riding around the castle and through the original entrance, which has long since been blocked by stone. Sir William Crichton is said to be this very apparition, so is he stuck on this physical plane or is this residual replaying energy of a long gone event.

Outside the castle are some roofless stables; said to be haunted by the ghost of Sir William Crichton, this was subject to an Echovox and digital audio session during our visit.

The weather held up well for this day trip into the Lothians, stunning sunshine and warm conditions made the short walk from the car-park to the castle a pleasure.

This was a perfect time to visit – keeping in mind the castle closes down for the winter – so if you visit remember to do so during the open season.

We analysed the audio files, and early indications were that something had been obtained from the get-go. If you watch the video you will see samples at the end, and an additional video is now included with a few of these captures.

Haunted Scotland have also received – in the past – a photograph from  Racheal Kornish, which included a wispy anomaly resembling cigarette smoke.

After analysis of the area – and set-up at this location – it is now known for certain that no smoking of any type is possible.

This only leaves a possibility of spider webs, which the flash could have illuminated. So we are balanced between actual phenomena or natural spider-web. We will leave the readers to now make up their own mind on this.

Please do enjoy the videos, photographs, and related material with relation to Crichton Castle….

Ghost Voices: Crichton Castle


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