Ghosts 2015: Ravenscraig Castle

GORCRavenscraig Castle is a ruined castle located in Kirkcaldy, dating from around 1460. The castle is an early example of artillery defence in Scotland. Now managed by Historic Scotland, and protected by Scheduled Ancient Monument this has been recognised as a category A listed building.

The mysterious white lady – an apparition that is said to walk this castle on occasion – has been seen multiple times at the long gone hospital behind this area. During one audio session, a rather rough – and angry – sounding voice was heard telling Ryan O’Neill of Haunted Scotland to leave.

Is the lady attached to the castle? Or is she attached to the hospital, and seen only visiting the castle!

This location has now been subject to numerous visits by Haunted Scotland, collecting images, video, and conducting non-intrusive audio recordings. We will return during 2015 for a second time this year, to concentrate on audio work, with the results posted on the website when collected and analysed.

Here is a short video of our January 2015 visit…..

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