Ghosts 2015: Newark Castle in Fife

Newark Castle in Fife

Newark CastleNewark Castle is the ruin which is located just outside the town of St Monans, on the east coast of Fife.

Such buildings at this coastal location in Fife, probably date back to the 13th century with stories of the Scottish King, Alexander III spending some of his childhood here.

The ruins currently visible are the remains of buildings constructed under the ownership of David Leslie in the 17th century.

David Leslie was a prominent figure in the English and Scottish Civil Wars, becoming Lord Newark after them.

We know of paranormal activity at the nearby church, but, do we have any activity at this rather quiet overlooked location?

Does the spirit of King Alexander still visit, or how about David Leslie. Newark Castle

After our visit in 2015, Scottish author Lenny Low – who was researching local history for his latest book – claimed to have possibly photographed what looks like an apparition at the castle.

Lenny is a well-known local figure due to his excellent work with regards to the Weem Witches, custodian duties at Pittenweem Clocktower and his continuous research into the haunted history of Scotland.

Lenny commented “It looks like a woman with her sleeves rolled up in a busy like manner. Being 100 yards from the sea its more likely to be a fisherman’s wife – one who spent her time gutting and salting the fish.” See Image HERE

We shall conduct some audio at the location, gather incoming witness reports, and keep you updated on progression throughout 2016.

In the mean-time, please do enjoy the location video from Newark Castle.

Ghosts 2015: Newark Castle in Fife

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