Ghostly Hit & Run?

Some years back, I was a guitarist in a four piece band and we would practice every Wednesday night at one of the other guitarists’ house in a small village in Fife, Scotland, just off the the A195.

It was usual to have a bit of a blether and drink great quantities of coffee after we had finished practising our chosen song for the night, sometimes we would talk over what was required to make it better or sometimes it was just small talk but usually it would continue into the wee small hours.
On this particular occasion I had already left to drive home, and so the story of what happened that night was related to me by the drummer, the person to who had the strange experience. Bob is not a person to exaggerate or make a drama out of nothing, in fact he’s quite the opposite, and until that night, a complete sceptic. The very next day he telephoned:

“You’ll never believe what happened to me last night” he began, and this is what he told me.

Some 15-30 minutes after I had left, he had decided it was time to go home, so bidding all goodbye he jumped in his car and headed off towards Upper Largo, he had not travelled very far, rounding a fairly tight bend he suddenly felt a thud, as if he had hit a some one or some thing. Terrified of what he might find he pulled the car up and parked, searched around in the glove compartment for the torch he always carried for emergencies, switched it on and went to take a look to see who or what he had hit.

He searched the area thoroughly but could find no trace of the person or animal he hit, still in a state of shock he decided to return to house from which he had just came from. Over a cup strong tea he related what he had just experienced to the other guitarist who decided that the best course of action would be if they both returned and gave the area yet another search, this they did but to no avail, they could find no signs of anyone or anything, back once more at the house they examined the car, there was no signs of damage of any kind and certainly none that would suggest a hit and run.

His mind now somewhat at ease Bob returned home to a night of fitful sleep, he still was so sure he had hit someone.

There was no reports of a hit and run on that mornings news, but somehow he could not face work that day, so at daylight he returned to the bend on the road on the A195, again he searched thoroughly but still there were no signs of anyone or anything nor indeed any injury sustained. So he left it at that.

The following Wednesday Bob picked me up as my car was off the road for repairs and we travelled to our practice as usual. All the way there we talked about the strange occurrence that had taken place the previous week, when we reached the corner Bob showed me exactly where he had heard and felt the thud and also where he had stopped, there was nothing to be seen.

We reached our destination and started to unload our equipment, the other guitarist came out to greet us, “Have I got some spooky news for you” he said to Bob. He had been doing some research in the local pub and discovered; the bend in the road where Bob had his experience had once been the scene of a horrific accident, a farm worker who had at the time been working in the field by the corner had ran to save his ageing mother from a house fire on the opposite side of the road and had been struck and killed by a speeding car, right at the very spot where poor Bob had his fright.

The cottage where the fire had occurred had long since been demolished, but this did not appear to deter the ghostly farmworker from trying to save his mother.

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