Ghost Voices: Echovox Application Settings

Echovox is a phone application that works in a similar way to the Spirit-box, possibly allowing non-physical energies to manipulate the sounds and words loaded on the application.

In this video, I have answered the questions, I am asked by other testers and people with an interest.


What are my settings and how long will I be testing the application!

I will update regularly on the status and discoveries with this nice little application, so as to assist others doing similar work. As said in the video too…Haters going to hate and Pseudo-Sceptics, or those who deem themselves superior to us mere mortal researchers, will dismiss or attempt ridicule.

Soldier on my dear friends and keep pushing the work out. Lets compare notes, videos and techniques and really push this type of research and observation.

Music: Traveller’s Guide by Jahzzar is licensed under a Attribution-ShareAlike License.
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Narration: Ryan O’Neill (Myself) – I give all serious Investigators, researchers and hobbyists permission to share this video freely on all platforms.

As promised, join in the discussion, research and networking with Chris & I at http://z3.invisionfree.com/TRIP – Get registered for free, set up your account, promote your work and say hello!! All serious, open minded people are welcome.

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