Getting the most out of your Echovox

So you have the application on your Smart-Phone or PC Tablet and you are ready to rock and roll on location. However, how do you begin you may wonder, and what is the best way to conduct such sessions to get maximum possibility of results.

Like anything in the paranormal world, results are never guaranteed and when they are forthcoming, people rarely agree that such are significant enough.

It was a long time ago when I gave up any attempts of trying to prove things to others within the field, scientific communities or even the public. I found that opinions varied so much and goal-posts were continuously moved around, by those who deem themselves more intelligent than all us mere mortals; that providing material, evidence and allowing the readers to get access to it freely, then make up their own minds, was far more desirable.

This is the same for the Echovox application and resulting sessions from location. Even though some of the material that is being gathered can be seen as highly relevant, coherent and worthy of the title “EVIDENCE” some are still dubious and others very rude and matter-of-fact-ish in their arrogance.

So, the first thing is to shut out the opinions of others, while you set down your protocols for use, and get on with the research without outer hindrance.


If you have a pre-set judgement of “This will not work” guess what? The chances of it working are limited. It’s been proven over and over that the very act of thinking is measurable outside the head – in the form of frequency – meaning what you think, is impacting externally by the very means of vibration.

Have you ever noticed how resonance comes into play with sound and items that it impacts. We have all witnessed glass being shattered at certain levels, clocks resonating to the same tick – even if they are set differently – and a whole host of other examples of sound resonance and the resulting facts from this, rarely spoken about, area.

So what are your negative thought patterns and dismissive attitude towards research doing with your data?

Listen, I can go into examples in science where the very act of thinking impacts on results gained in experiments. There are firm reasons why we do double and triple blind experiments.

Clear that mind, be flexible and open but not in conclusion.

You must heed this part or you will view your results with rose-tinted glasses.

Questions & Conversation

Always aim your questions into the environment you are working in and please, within the present tense, and try to refrain from asking how people died. Find a selection of questions and use them in a conversational type mode.

Speak as if speaking with your friends, and be nice and courteous at all times. I find this way, absolutely without a shadow of a doubt, improves results.

Before your next session, think up some questions and how you may approach the task. Some pre-work in this area may just prove fruitful for you!


Listen, we are all different and we can all use a variety of techniques and gain results. There are no hard and fast rules to this and your mileage may vary on what works.

Try leaving a long enough gap for replies, especially as we have noticed a few seconds delay in direct hits. These gaps are crucial for communication, do not talk over the feedback or you will miss a lot!

There have been instances also where people are not analysing the audio; if they do not hear it at the time, they discount the whole session. This is throwing out the baby, bath water and bath…..

You must upload the audio to the PC, get it into a program you can listen back with and fully analyse the track.

I use Adobe Audition for this as it has the features I’m looking for, which include the ability to see graphics, slow things down, reverse audio that sounds backwards and isolate sound that stands out.

You may want to use a free program such as Audacity which can still do the job. Just getting it in to the program and fully checking it is the key; what you use to do so, is up to you.

Share the material, get a Youtube channel and get placing your captures online for others.

Only when we all begin sharing and coming together to discuss these things will we be able to progress in this research. There is no place for hiding techniques, material and trying to compete.

In the spirit of coöperation we will soar.

Do you have any suggestions for getting the best out of your sessions?

Please share them and lets move forward together.

Key Points:

  • Get a proper flexible, open and non-concluded mindset in place.
  • Close out hindrance from those who THINK they know it all.
  • Do some Pre-Work on questions and conversations relevant to the location or person conducting session.
  • Speak clear, slow and leave large gaps for replies – It takes a few seconds for some.
  • Get settings you are comfortable with, we are all different in this part.
  • Upload all audio to PC program for analysis and listen under headset if possible.
  • Share your findings without fear or favour.

Lets all work together on the further advancement of this research.

Feel free to leave your comments or constructive criticisms below.

Ryan O’Neill
Haunted Scotland
Paranormal Research & Consciousness Exploration
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2 thoughts on “Getting the most out of your Echovox”

  1. I was using Echovox 2.5 and got a clear response, but the crazy thing was during my session I was getting reponses to my questions, which blow me away! It was my first ever session using the Echovox 2.5 I was kind of just getting to know the basic functions of this app, and from the very first question I received intelligent reponses. That was incredible to say the least. So I ended my session, but I completely forgot to turn off the app, and walk away for a minute because someone rang the door bell. Thinking I had unexpected company, I went to answer the door, when a female voice came from the Echovox as clear as a person 100% clear, I jumped turned around expecting to see a female standing. To find no one there, but the Echovox running thats when I realized that I forgot to turn the app off. The crazy thing that blow my mind was the response said with 100% clearity. “NO ONE IS AT THE DOOR” I scratched my head continued towards the front door and I found no one there. This app is amazing, used with other paranormal gear it can compliment a paranormal investigation in amazing way.

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