Geomagnetics & Nonsentients

I am interested in assessing exactly how a non-sentient ghost is physically recorded, assuming of course that Wiseman et al are incorrect in their assumption of the non-sentient hallucination (the Stone Tape). If it is possible to understand the mechanics of recording, it should be possible to suggest a modus whereby the replay may be triggered ; this may then be tested in the field.

Having an archaeology background, and especially one that has featured surveying and prospecting, I find myself drawn to the possibility that a Non Sentient apparition may be created by emotion being stored in the ground itself, the soil is rich in magnetic particles – haematite and magnetite, add oxidisation and voila we have something with potentially (but unproven) similar properties to a magnetic recording device – VHS or similar.

In archaeology slight but persistent changes in the magnetic character of the local soils are developed by interventions….burning, burying, in fact any disturbance of the natural soils. Magnetic survey locates areas of archaeological interest is influenced by geology, the nature of the former activity and subsequent land-use.

Soils, archaeological horizons and features may, for example, become magnetically enhanced or modified in situ directly or indirectly, as a result of burning or by local incorporation of burnt or of non local materials.

The magnetic contrasts often present between buried in-filled features or structures and the substrate also create local anomalies in the earth’s magnetic field which can be detected by magnetometer survey allowing relatively detailed plots to be made of buried archaeological features.

It is of note that even where no tangible archaeological features survive (soils having contrasting magnetic properties will retain their identity, even intensive modern agricultural techniques do not usually totally destroy this magnetic record).

Therefore is it possible that the soil itself in some form is recording the image as a magnetic record.

Christopher Huff
Experienced Paranormal Investigator & Researcher
Over 30 years of field operation & leading edge hypothetical discussion

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