Franks Box – The Creators Philosophy

Franks Box – The Creators Philosophy

Franks Box It was in 1995 that Franks Box Inventor Frank Sumption would come across an article in Popular Electronics with regards to Electronic Voice Phenomena. This would cause the initial spark needed that would eventually give birth to a plethora of designs in the paranormal research community today.

However, Frank would not find the success he desired with his initial EVP experiments, such was the lack of results, he would allegedly shelf the whole area for five years, before resuming his interest in this area.

So in the year 2000, Frank started gaining results via EVP work, and finally, he would begin to realise there was something to this area of research, we say thank goodness he did.

“Franks Box” was first created in 2002 for real-time communication with intelligence Franks Boxoutwith our physical reality. The device was described as a combination of white noise generation and an AM radio receiver modified to sweep back and forth through radio frequencies selecting split-second snippets of sound as raw audio.

Personally, back in 2005/6, I was in contact with various top class researchers and enthusiasts such as Jennette Osborne who reported extremely interesting communication through the devices. Other able American researchers also reported that this Franks Box might be a game changer in anomalous voices of obvious intelligence.

Frank was never in this area of to make money by selling boxes or theories. He had no books to peddle, no overpriced boxes to sell and his heart was in this for pure communication with “The Others”

He was an inventor, an on the fringe of this research and said to be such an intelligent guy. He cared not for thrill seekers, false claims or Pseudo-Sceptics who never knew what they were talking about and often misrepresented the facts of how these work. He stood his ground online; his obviously positive characteristics still shine through some of his communications that are online to this day.

His Philosophy Behind His Creation

Franks BoxI was pleasantly surprised to read that Frank Sumption has similar thoughts to my own with regards to the afterlife and the usage of ITC devices such as the Franks Box OR other random noise generators that sweep frequencies or sound banks.

Frank said ” It’s been my experience that you can create the voices you want to hear. More debunker fodder perhaps, but we are spirit, and these EVP methods can just as easily pick up our thoughts.”

Frank was right here; we can affect these random generators by mere thoughts and the questions we wish answered. Many researchers have reported direct answers to their thoughts or even embedded captures that mirror their thinking. We are consciousness after all, as is spirit or other non-physical communicators.

Look up PEAR Labs and their work with the effect of intention on physical systems such as random number generators. The data is there for the researchers who are serious enough.

He also said “It is only one method of many that supplies a “raw audio”, Raw audio being the bits of speech music and noise that the entities use to form their voices.”

I’ve found this to be absolutely spot on in my own research into this area. No matter Franks Boxwhat the device is, if it has random produced sounds of any size, they will be formed into coherence by an intelligence in reply to questions or actions carried out during the sessions.

Even more exciting is Frank’s thinking on communication, he was indeed ahead of his time with some of his thinking as we see more and more now saying exactly what Frank had always said.

“The box is one method of supplying what is known as “raw audio”, a term I lifted from EVPmaker meaning bits of human speech and other noise–forget white noise-. The entities, both human and non-human, rearrange this raw audio to make their voices.

As I said the box is one way, there is EVPmaker, crowd noise, running water, wind and fans, a radio tuned between station—as in the “Raudive Frequency”, anything that has those human speech components!”

Frank clearly understood the concepts that fringe scientists such as Tesla understood. He knew energy, frequencies and vibrations would be the area for so much more success. Anything with sound waves can be manipulated by our unseen friends.

Even more enlightening is he understood the higher dimensions and was clearly attempting to communicate in this enlightened area, not just chasing sightings of spirits at local locations.

He saidYou seem to not consider spirit exists in a higher state of being and awareness, having access to higher dimensions of thought and action. They are not the Hollywood concept of whispy energies somehow caught here and incapable of thought or action.

You also seem to be completely unaware of reports of spirits using telephones, computer printers and monitor screens, and other electronic means of communication, same old “scientific” approach, ignore all facts and do no research on the history of EVP and ITC.

Consider for a moment–laying aside your knowing better what effort it takes to access our phone system from the other side, then claim they are incapable of any actions. “They” seem to have no problems at all in getting their messages through.”

Frank was entirely correct in his thinking here, the reports we have with regards to spirit communication through a plethora of electronic and non-electronic means is off the scale. Often ignored by the so-called sceptics with their debunking mindset.

Does It Work

Franks BoxIt seems so if we look at the number of open-minded researchers who still use this as a tool on their investigations and on personal tests. The reports are much in favour of the Frank’s Box and other likewise setups.

Frank has inspired a new generation of inventors, enthusiasts and those with an open-minded interest in ITC. Many use the same principles, have the same philosophy and are pushing out successful devices and creations.

In the end, you have to test it for yourself though, only through a length of time testing these devices, can you come to an informed decision on if they work or not. Do not fall into the pseudo-sceptical approach by discounting things without actually using them with a proper working hypothesis.

Below you can see video results from a short test I conducted with a Frank’s Box recently. Coherent, intelligent and even the sound of a horse which was highly relevant. How many horses do you hear on the radio?

We lost a pioneer in the field when Frank passed over to spirit in 2014, no matter what you think of his ITC inventions, no one can argue that his dedication to the research without seeking fame or fortune is massively appreciated.

If you’ve used a Franks Box and gained some personal evidence, let us know.

Frank's Box - Spirit Communication In Scotland

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