Franks Box Spirit Voice Captures | Loch Leven’s Kirkgate | Scotland

Franks Box Spirit Voice Captures | Loch Leven’s Kirkgate | Scotland

We have some Franks Box Spirit Voice Captures for you all from Loch Leven’s Kirkgate in Scotland.

The famous Franks Box does it again with amazing validation for our mini session here.

Part of the a new series of “In search of” videos for our friends, followers and colleagues.

Franks Box Spirit Voice Captures | Loch Leven's Kirkgate | Scotland

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Narration | All narration is conducted by Ryan O’Neill unless otherwise stated.

Music: Music from various artists on Epidemic Sounds – Epidemicsound.com

Information Sources | Haunted Scotland, Scottish Paranormal, Greg Stewart Author & Researcher, Ryan O’Neill Author & Researcher, Online Archives, Wikipedia & More

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