Ferniehirst Castle

Region : Roxburghshire
Location : Jedburgh
Details : The house itself is a long main block of three storeys, having a circular tower projecting from the E. angle : two wings, both at the SW end and make the plan T-shaped. The wing projecting northwards contains the main staircase as well as three floors above it, while the other, extending southwards, had a kitchen on the lowest floor. Its upper floor is fragmentary. The oldest parts are late 15th Century these are the vaulted chambers used for storage on the ground floor and the domestic area known as the Kerr Kitchen, connected by a tiny mural “left-handed” staircase.

The castle was taken and sacked by the English in 1523, but was recaptured with French help in 1549. Sir Thomas Kerr’s raid of caused damage at Ferniehirt. The castle was rebuilt about 1598.

Paranormal Phenomena : A Green Lady is said to have been witnessed in this castle. It is alleged that unusual occurrences were reported during its time as a youth hostel, the tales are uncorroborated.

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