Feel Judged?

Do you feel that you are judged because of your personal beliefs or feel that some of your colleagues have shut you out slightly, especially if you are not afraid to share such? Do not fear, stress or worry in the slightest as I know how you feel and its no great problem for you, maybe for the past friends and colleagues but in the end, that is their business and not anything for you to worry about.

I regularly shift my position as more information becomes available to me. Not all my discoveries or study is public knowledge, I dig deeper than the average bear as many can attest too. An example you will see here at Haunted Scotland is I regularly stray from Scotland’s ghost stories, visits or other paranormal work and dive deep into Quantum Physics, Synchronicity, Consciousness and related topics. My job is to try to understand as much as I possibly can, so that the quality of information I supply on my websites helps the readers advance their thought process and Interest.

The problem that MAY transpire with such in my case and possibly yours too, is that as we shift our thinking due to our flexible mindset, some are not willing to entertain the shift and actually close you out. I have gone through various shifts and find myself at an exciting, purposeful and awe-inspiring place at this time, I am bouncing out of bed to dig more daily as I see more connections between my various studies into consciousness and the subject of the paranormal. This has allowed me to fully accept all aspects including mediumship, the mysteries and other such non-physical possibilities, unfortunately, some people just do not like that!!!

I actually do feel that there is a discrimination against some of the above-mentioned groups, heck, I could easily have been lumped into doing such in the past but at least my position has the ability to shift as more information is gathered. Lucky enough, I have no desire, need or pressure to tow the party line within the paranormal field to impress others, I am happily and freely floating through my work and reporting the facts as I uncover them.

If you check out my Facebook page, anyone will tell you [if you can not spot it yourself of course] that I push heavily down the line of self-improvement, self-discovery, Inspiration, motivation and throw in loads of ancient wisdom along with spiritual topics. My knowing and beliefs in the above have actually caused some from within the paranormal field to de-friend me in the past, it’s no great problem at all as it has opened up a larger base of friends who are willing to accept me for who I am along with my work, being the best of my ability and being true to myself and others.

What I am trying to convey to you here regardless of what field you operate in or industry you serve, BE TRUE TO YOURSELF AND OTHERS.

Who really cares what others think in the grand scheme of things, as long as you are being true to yourself along with others and causing no harm. If they have a problem with your ideas, it’s really just a reflection of themselves and how they are not freeing themselves by being real. You should in all fact, actually, feel sorry for them and let them get on with it!!

I have witnessed personally, that for every past friend or association that has dropped away, as they were not willing to accept me and my ideas, three or more have taken their place and with open arms on all sides. I’ve watched this phenomenon happen on Facebook too, I might have lost a handful and certainly no more than ten friends to be replaced with literally hundreds, I do not exaggerate!

So never ever mask who you truly are or what you truly believe in for favour of holding a few associates or friends who are not willing to roll with you for who you are. Cut them loose and move forward with passion, excitement and new discoveries!!

Let me know your thoughts, constructive criticisms or say hi in the comments below or via Facebook.

Have an inspired week friends!!!

Ryan O’Neill

Haunted Scotland

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