Eilean Donan Castle

Region : Invernessshire
Location : Dornie

Details : Apart from some fragments of early defences beside the castle walls, the precise line of an earlier fort is buried.

The present castle was constructed in 1220 by Alexander II, it subsequently became a stronghold of the Mackenzies of Kintail (later the Earls of Seaforth) who installed the MacRaes as hereditary keepers. In 1719, it was destroyed whilst acting as a garrison for Spanish troops fighting for the Jacobite cause on behalf of the 5th Earl of Seaforth. Restoration work started two hundred years later and was not completed until 1932.

Paranormal Phenomena : said to be the haunt of a Spanish solider, killed either in the castle or at a nearby battle.  One of the bedrooms is alleged to be haunted by a ghost known only as Lady Mary.

Please see the locations webcam at: http://www.eileandonancastle.com/eilean-donan-webcam.htm

2 thoughts on “Eilean Donan Castle”

  1. I was in the castle in 2008 I think. I was 10 at the time and I was in a bedroom. When my parents and my we 6 year old brother left the room, I felt a small rush of air behind me and so turned aound and saw a dark mist floating above the bed, shaped like a female figure and it was hard to focus on. I wan’t scared at all for an age of 10, I didn’ really understand what I was seeing though I remember it very well. Sometimes I forget. Anyway, this black cloud, misty thing was just floating there ontop of the bed and it started to whisper as it faded away. Obviously I told my parent and friends and I always think of the mist when I think of the castle.

  2. Hello Donald,

    Thank you for sharing your experience with us! It is greatly appreciated, such sharing helps us push the topic forward and display that, contrary to popular belief, a high percentage of people are encountering paranormal activity.

    I’ve said on this site before Donald, I as a child, had a similar experience to what you have just told us! Mine was formless or more of a large sphere type blob but certainly a dark mist, and was also floating above my bed.

    Thank you greatly 🙂

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