Echovox – Spirit-Box Application

Tonight I took the plunge, I am looking to test this application for the next 12/18 months both personally in the office here and on location, where I will dedicate a good 15 minutes per visit if conditions are suitable.

Echovox is a phone application that works in a similar way to the Spirit-box, possibly allowing non-physical energies to manipulate the sounds and words loaded on the application.

I will be looking out for relevant words but not one off’s, more in-depth sentences or specific phrases will be what interests me or bang on, without doubt, interaction.

“Echovox is the Real Deal!!! I am a Paranormal Investigator and used Echovox while investigating a home In Gloucester, Ma. Through spirit interaction we were directed upstairs to a Bedroom. It was here that the client was able to have a CONVERSATION with his DECEASED father. He recognized his voice and was called a nickname from his childhood! Very emotional experience!!!”

Marc Arvilla Mass Ghost Hunters Paranormal Society

I will report back all findings in the relevant location sections or via new blog inclusions and Youtube linking. Please be aware, this is test stage and I am not saying that any captures will be paranormal in nature, I will also not dismiss this till I have extensively tested it.

The ratings suggest that researchers are gaining some positive results and Steve Huff, who extensively tests all such contact attempts, recommends only this application. This at least gives me a base to start off from.

I as always, remain open minded and flexible in my ability to either confirm or respectfully deny the future captures gathered. I will take my time in doing so though and will regularly update on my progress.

Stay Tuned Folks….

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