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Echovox Is Fake? Emm No It’s Not!

Echovox is fake - Really?I’ve written extensively about the audio application software Echovox, providing information on how to get the most out of it, and even constructing a working hypothesis on the what, where, and when, on operation and probabilities.

Yet, still we have a few who are going to grab the old way of thinking and proclaim it ‘fake’ without doing any of the above – working hypothesis – and refusing to show one when asked for said workings.

Some prefer to just pull out words from the pseudo-sceptical dictionary, which is stacked full of terms to win arguments and try to look more clever than you actually are.

I spoke in the last article – regarding psychics – about why some are so strongly against that which they do not understand.

I listed a few reasons ranging from money-making to realisations that their education did not elevate them as high as they had hoped in life, if there are still unanswered questions.

The same applies to those who cry fake about practices that are working, purely because they can not put the time and effort in for similar results. They may sell similar products or trying to gain kudos from those they deem their superior peers in this genre.

Our Event Friends!Personally, I have no one to try to impress within this field of study, no problems about going out on a limb for this research even if wrong long-term.

I am more for working with the public on their problems – and education – than pampering to academics or sceptics who may feel they have all the answers in the world.

Echovox Is Fake – Proclaimed By Faceless Some

The latest phrase being thrown around is “It’s all just audio pareidolia

Just for the readers here – who much like I, do not care for technical words – basically they are saying that the brain is making patterns from the audio. They will then link in examples to videos or websites – usually long drawn out explanations on why they are right and everyone else deluded – and then case closed with no actual evidence to back up their assertions.

If you ask for evidence incidentally, you’re told this does not apply to them and only applies to those who did not say it was fake. Strange I know!

You see, some have had great problems explaining away audio captures from a whole Echovox Audiohost of devices past and present. If you captured a class A EVP, rather than help you further the research, they would tell you it was a local Taxi signal embedded in your non-radio device.

You could also be told it was bugs rubbing against the mic, infra-sound quirks, or some other silly explanation that was more ludicrous than just saying that it’s possibly paranormal.

In relation to Echovox – and the banks of sounds that some how rearrange themselves to form coherent local dialect specific words – well, you shouldn’t present evidence of audio if they are not clear for everyone to hear, and if they are that clear they are significant and not pareidolia.

Click Here To Watch Tutorial on Echovox 3.0
Click Here To Watch Tutorial on Echovox 3.0

I’ve seen it suggested that some hear the feedback and others can not without the words on-screen or being told.

Yes, this is true, but it has zero to do with audio pareidolia.

This is more to do with various factors ranging from local accents and how you hear them, through to how clean the files are and how well they’re analysed and presented to the public.

On this basis I have seen a ludicrous claim that Echovox is fake, trying to match the claimants own perception of pareidolia – which is much more pronounced visually that audibly I may add – with the notion that the creator of the device played on audio pareidolia to trick people.

I’m here to balance this notion by saying Echovox is not a fake app, further testing needs to be done, and that hundreds of hours of audio can be found right here at Haunted Scotland to refute such claims.

Circumstantial evidence maybe, but nonetheless far more advanced than saying something is fake….. just because!

I have to stress, you can not pick up a piece of kit such as Echovox and play about for a few days then determine if it’s fake or real. If you are doing this – and some are – then you are displaying utter contempt for paranormal research and discovery. Why? To look good? Sell products or events? or just not liking the personalities who created the tools or god forbid, JEALOUS

See beyond the above and look at the bigger picture.

Echovox Session OneParanormal investigation, research, and observational work is far greater than personalities and how anyone looks within this field. There is a bigger picture, and it has nothing to do with those who are seeking, and more to do with what we are seeking. The word ‘fake’ gets banded around far too much for my liking and plays into the hands of the fame seekers on all sides.

If you have a working hypothesis on something being fake, show it, if not then provide your articles and feedback as merely an opinion to be discussed.

I have countless videos providing full non-pareidolia voices captured through this device. I can point to local dialect, international phrases, and everything in-between. I’ve had international friends understand local accents, listening with a different ear, yet they were not conned by an alleged trick playing brain.

Let’s move past the childish classification of ‘Fake’ that we see school kids type on Youtube videos when they’re bored. Start putting some substance down for us to critically analyse, and make it about the seeking and not the alleged seekers.

So Echovox is not a fake app, it does exactly what it’s said to do with its audio output. We then use methodologies to present our findings from our locations or private research utilising this audio tool, there’s no ghost inside the machine, as much as no radio presenter in your car stereo.

Check out my articles to learn all about the device, and read more comprehensively about this area of research from actual testing over the past 2 years.

Till next time, take care,

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