Echovox Audio Settings: Video

Frequency, Vibration & Energy: The most logical way for non-physical communication.

Everything is energy, that goes without saying and a closer look down a microscope would show you that everything vibrates, even that desk you think is solid. A slow level of vibration that gives the illusionary sense of solidity.

The spiritual realm is non-physical, it’s a higher plane of vibration that is not accessible from this dense material place we find ourselves, we call it reality, unaware of the bigger reality that cannot be sensed by our physical senses.

Everything works through vibrations, frequencies and driven by energy forms.

So it’s not hard to understand that devices that operate using sound frequencies or waves, can be manipulated from a level of reality that operates through similar unseen modes, albeit at higher ranges, outside human capabilities.

If you are starting out, hopefully this video will help with settings on the Echovox….

Ghost Voices: Echovox Application Settings

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