Dunollie Castle

Region : Argyll
Location : Outskirts of Oban

Details : see rampant scotlandcastleuk.net

Paranormal Phenomena : At Oban is the thirteenth century ruined castle of Dunollie, once the family home of the Lord of Lorn who, centuries past owned a third of Scotland.
Few visitors are allowed to view the area but in July 1971 having already gained permission from him to camp in the grounds, a group of scouts were taken by the chief scout to see the home of his forefathers. `It was about seven in the evening when we arrived`, one of the scouts recalled, `and we were looking in what had been the armoury. Suddenly we were distracted and about six or seven of us saw, passing outside the window, the figure of a piper in full Highland dress. He appeared to be semi-transparent and we could see the trees behind him. The plaid was very noticeable but none of us were frightened at the appearance, just rather intrigued. None of us were interested in ghosts anyway`.

When the incident was mentioned to the owner however, they learnt that the phantom had been ` frequently witnessed` and was, ` quite accepted by the family`. There are many similar cases of genuine ghosts fully accepted by house-owners as being merely `shades of the past` As one gentleman commented, `They cause no harm, so why should be bother about them

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  1. I was there just recently October and we saw
    Orange lights flying around a circular building on the site very dark when these orange lights whizzed pass us

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