Dunfermline Palace

This is somewhat a strange one; as I clearly have memories, of the tales, with regards to Dunfermline Palace being brought up in Fife and having a keen interest in such reports.

Looking through the usual places on-line, gives no indication that the tale I know, has been recorded; for others to read and share. Maybe a native from Dunfermline, or its surrounding villages, can jump in with their memories of this area and help further enhance what I am about to reveal.

Although nothing of real depth can be shared, and the tale being second or even third hand, I still feel it deserves its place within the Haunted Scotland case reports. First, lets look at the brief history before we hear the tale and then watch the video.

Dunfermline Abbey has a history stretching back to the 11th century – the time of King Malcolm III and Queen Margaret. In the 12th century, their son, David I, raised the little priory to the lofty status of abbey. He endowed it richly, and brought stonemasons from Durham Cathedral to help build it. The great nave still stands largely complete, the most visually stunning example of Romanesque architecture in Scotland.

In 1303, Dunfermline Abbey was badly damaged by Edward I. King Robert Bruce financed the rebuilding. The most impressive of the new buildings was the monks’ refectory, a soaring structure with an elaborate façade which took full advantage of the sloping site. The rebuilding demonstrated Robert’s confidence in the affluence and self-reliance of his kingdom, following the Wars of Independence with England. Bruce was interred before the high altar in 1329, and his heart was taken on Crusade (and eventually buried at Melrose Abbey.(which Haunted Scotland will be visiting in the future)

Paranormal Activity:

Through the walkway, which is used by the public and joins Monastery street to St Catherine’s Wynd, there are reports of ghostly monks walking in perfect rhythm. Whether they are a ghostly playback of times gone by, making them non-sentient, or active spirits; proves to be debatable at this point.

If I was to make a personal judgement based on these two stances; I would elect a playback of some event in time, which activates when conditions are correct within the local environment.

One caveat though, there are clear reports of a monk at the nearby abbots house to the north of the abbey & palace. Could we have a cross haunting between the two locations, which are so close that it would bring not much surprise at all. I would still tend to suggest that the marching monks would be, as described above, and any additional activity such as movements of objects, various sounds or other intelligent type of activity from within the grounds here, could be attributed to the monk like figure nearby.

Can you expand on the activity from the Dunfermline Palace & Abbey? Are you a local or past visitor with a tale to tell? please do feel free to comment below!!

In the mean time, please do enjoy the video of the location.

“Location Visit – Haunted Scotland”

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