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Haunted Scotland welcomes you to Doune Castle, situated near the village of Doune, within the Stirling district of Scotland. The castle is a beautiful medieval stronghold in fantastic condition, testament to the astonishing work that is conducted by Historic Scotland and their faithful staff.

Research has indicated that Doune Castle was originally built-in the thirteenth century, most likely receiving substantial damage during the Scottish Wars of Independence.

During the Jacobite Rising of 1745, Doune Castle was occupied by Charles Edward Stuart, “Bonnie Prince Charlie”, and his Jacobite Highlanders. It was used as a prison for government troops captured at the Battle of Falkirk. Several prisoners, held in the rooms above the kitchen, escaped by knotting together bed sheets and climbing from the window. Escapees included the author John Home, and a minister, John Witherspoon, who later moved to the American colonies and became a signatory of the United States Declaration of Independence.

The British comedy film Monty Python and the Holy Grail — a parody of the legends of King Arthur by the Monty Python team — was filmed on location in Scotland in 1974. The film’s producers had gained permission from the National Trust for Scotland to film scenes at several of their Scottish castles, as well as the permission of Lord Moray to film at Doune Castle. However, the National Trust later withdrew their permission, leaving the producers with little time to find new locations. Instead, they decided to use different parts of Doune Castle to depict the various fictional castles in the film, relying on tight framing of shots to maintain the illusion.

Now for paranormal activity, The Castle is alleged to be haunted by Mary Queen of Scots who was exiled there. Photographs have periodically revealed “spirit balls” that appear associated with an outcast woman in blood velvet looking out a window according to a spiritual “sensitive.

During the visit, we felt nothing strange in the atmosphere to suggest that any out of the ordinary events were about to take place. Two Echovox sessions were conducted inside and outside the castle and these are currently under review…we shall be looking for any significant responses or names during analysis.

The sessions are short, conducted via the Smartphone and done leisurely while wandering the grounds. You need to keep in mind this is a very active location for visitors and this particular visit is no different.

Please continue to check back for updates…

We hope you enjoy the gathered material!

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“The Castle is alleged to be haunted by Mary Queen of Scots who was exiled there.”

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