Does The Spirit-Box Work?

So how does it work, how can a device that is constructed to pick up radio waves, be used to communicate with the afterlife. This is what is ringing within the minds of the public and those involved in paranormal research.

You have various camps, with a varying amount of beliefs, with some content to use their engineering background to dissect such equipment, and others, their spiritual gifts to tune in and gain information from spirit.

I applaud the above because at the very least, they have their hands on the devices and actually using them to try to find some truth. We all know, that it’s through the application of testing, documenting and then reporting our findings, that shall lead to further advancements or conclusion in regards to such communication practices.

There are always caveats though, I have a massive one for you would-be researchers, or members of the public that are ready to scoff at such practices.

If you have never held the devices, tested the devices personally and rely only on the say-so of other people, or deep held thoughts that have never been personally verified, then you are operating form a stance of unfamiliarity, incomprehension and half-knowledge.

If you are an electronic engineer, and you felt compelled to open the devices just to debunk it as a normal audio device, you have missed the boat completely in my opinion.

What were you expecting to find? The ghost in the machine, a pineal gland or some portal to another dimension attached to the radio transmitter.

Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.” Albert Einstein

You more than anyone know, that you would only find physical components, all-be-it, with modified parts that would keep the device on a continued search function.

I am certainly not an apologist for the spiritual communication devices or modified audio devices, however you wish to look at it, but what I can not seem to understand is the blatant ridicule and “look at me and my expert views” attitude of some people.

Everyone has an opinion, everyone is working towards a similar goal and yet, some are hell-bent on elevating themselves as some type of paranormal guru and dictating what works and what does not work and lets laugh at those who are thinking out the box, those poor misinformed people huh….CLAPTRAP

So these audio devices that pick up frequencies, that scan at such a speed as to discount full phrases, and even words at times, but manage to merge such as, sometimes, coherent sentences. Not Interesting enough? Should be discounted?

Since we are researching in a field that allegedly deals with non-physical beings, and attempting a whole host of ways to communicate or gather some type of evidence, is it any stretch of the imagination that these said energy beings can manipulate the radio waves and frequencies being decoded by the devices?

We are allegedly dealing with multi-vibrational energies, that many have said work on different frequencies to our 3D physical existence and yet, some are confused at how they would be able to manipulate signals that also can not be seen.

Lets be clear here, I and many others have never said that such devices can 100% verify-ably capture paranormal activity. What is being said is, lets test it and gather some data before we discount it because it does not fit belief systems or fails to show a ghost sitting within it! You see, that’s ludicrous reasoning and very illogical.

Lets also say, just because we do not know how a thing works, does not mean that it does not work. There are many things in this reality that we do not understand, but that still displays their unique power and basis in reality…Electricity being one such example!

We simply get to work and test, record, research and share what are factual recordings and see where we go.

There are some people within this field of research, or the scientific or pseudo-sceptical communities, who are discounting practices through hearsay of what others, whom they deem as more intelligent than themselves, are proclaiming.

Some do it from a power trip perspective, to look good in front of their peers, while others are just so up themselves that they can not possibly be wrong in this. This type of thinking, operation and behaviour is delusional and very damaging.

So the next time, before you go to discount a device, ask yourself whether you have fully tested it yourself or if you are running other people’s ideas and hypothesises. Dig deep to see whether you have strong belief systems that are discounting things out of hand without truly knowing the reality of it.

Remember, the world was never flat, yet, it made no sense to be a sphere as the oceans would fall off the bottom of such. Many great mind propagated this, but in time, were proven wrong and even today they are still cited as an example.

Do not judge, until, you are sure my dear friends.

As for the devices, I remain very open-minded but not attached to the outcome. This way, I can move in either direction as personal experiences and data is realised. I have seen coherence from the devices and I have seen randomness too, it’s certainly not cut and dried but I shall add, some of the recordings I have listened to display awesome synchronised feedback to the questioner.

I suggest, if this area of research interests you, clear the mind and get busy. Extensively test them with an open mind with a great deal of flexibility.

Stop listening to others, especially if they are placing themselves as experts in a field with no experts. YOU are your own expert of experiences gained, you know your truth due to what you personally witness…so why not test for oneself and leave the naysayers to argue on, without them even holding the equipment in their lifetime.

Feel free to leave your comments or constructive criticisms below.

Ryan O’Neill
Haunted Scotland
Paranormal Research & Consciousness Exploration
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