Do Spirit Box Apps Work | 7 Captures From Deep Dark Haunted Caves

Do Spirit Box Apps Work | 7 Captures From Deep Dark Haunted Caves

Do Spirit Box Apps WorkThe big question within the paranormal community – and YouTube viewers – is, do spirit box apps work? I will show in this video 7 reasons why they do, from a haunted cave, in Scotland.

Some who have not extensively tested and researched what consciousness can do with random noise generation – or other such experiments – have attempted to debunk the practice of using Spirit box apps, spirit boxes and even audio recordings.

Many have not even attempted to use the devices before casting judgment, or they have parroted others without REALLY knowing if a spirit can use spirit box apps or other ITC creations.

Not only do I conduct sessions regularly on and off camera, but I also analyse all audio with pinpoint precision to see whether the captures are pareidolia, wishful thinking or actual spirit communication.

Some say I attract spirit – even before I began any type of research back in the early 2000’s – and this may help with sessions or may not, who really knows.

So do spirit box apps really work? YES! I’ve shown evidence of such multiple times on this channel as have others who dedicate their time to spirit communication and paranormal research.

7 captures that show spirit box apps do work…..

Do Spirit Box Apps Work | 7 Captures From Deep Dark Haunted Caves


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