Do Spirit Box Apps Work

Do Spirit Box Apps Work

Do Spirit Box Apps WorkSo you see people posting up Youtube or Facebook videos showing spirit communication, relevant feedback from unseen voices and now ask do spirit box apps work?

How can an unseen entity use a piece of program inside electronic devices you wonder. You read some science sounding types debunking it without even needing to pick one up and try it perhaps.

It’s really not a new concept nor is it difficult for conscious intention to affect raw data. Whether this is Random Number Generators or Random Sound Generators, it matters not.

PEAR Labs Done The Studies

Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR) laboratory was founded in 1979 by Do Spirit Box Apps WorkRobert G Jahn of Princeton University to research the capacities of human consciousness.

PEAR was a well-supported sophisticated effort to practice and explore effects of intention on physical systems, and communication of data across distance and time.

R.N.G’s or R.E.G’s have long collected data that would suggest consciousness – especially emotion fueled – can easily effect these devices and cause cold hard facts in the data. Such events like the death of Princess Diana and 9/11 have given us hard data to work with in this area.

Spirit or non-physical units of consciousness equally could affect such electronic devices. The units of consciousness are the same, only in different forms. So to modify such devices and cause order out of the chaos of randomness would in effect be very simple.

Trying To Solve Problems With Materialistic Mindsets

Do Spirit Box Apps WorkThe problem comes when people try to approach this area with a level of consciousness that sticks to the rigours of society, a scientific inquiry that is mostly materialistic and does not recognise non-physical consciousness.

There is no mechanism in mainstream science, and university taught textbooks to allow anything mystical. Approaching such research with an open, flexible mind seems to be lost on some who have declared from their ‘state-sponsored’ or ‘private’ educated mind what works and what does not work.

So, merely based on what they were told to read and repeat for educational purposes and qualifications they know ALL the answers. No apparent room for open-minded scepticism, only scepticism bordering on cynicism that’s conforming to education that is handed down by their peers.

Remember, it’s based solely on materialism and not open to non-physical possibilities.

Random Noise Generation

Much like the devices used by PEAR Labs and likewise scientific studies into Do Spirit Box Apps Workconsciousness and their effect across borders of time and space, these random noise generators could hypothetically be altered by physical and non-physical consciousness.

This is where we get our captures such as EVP’s or Manipulated random sounds and radio frequencies which seen to form coherent relevance. NOT every random noise is a non-physical or embedded capture by someone’s mind.

This is where confusion, lack of open-minded considerations and materialistic thinking comes to the fore. Some claim that because not all random noises form words and coherence in every single sound produced, and the source of the sounds is of natural means, that the whole area is false and merely wishful thinking or pareidolia.

These are random generators; you are looking for patterns of coherence and significance within the randomness, not every single random generated sound to be a communication or above ordinary means.

360 tour of Dunino Den & KirkAlso, the coherence and significance may form a little time after the questions are asked or the action taken. No one can claim answers from non-physical consciousness must be immediate or it’s false and does not work, there are no such rules for this type of research.

In order to dispel the myth that all crows are black, you would need only to find one white crow. You would not point at the black crows only and ignore the white crow and claim victory. It’s ludicrous and shows a lack of genuine, open-minded scepticism and critical analysis of all data.

How Does This Relate To Audio Apps?

In this field we must take a leap of faith, but do not worry, even science must do this as seen by their acceptance that something came from nothing (The Big Bang) as Terence McKenna once said.

Modern science is based on the principle: ‘Give us one free miracle, and we’ll explain the rest.’ The one free miracle is the appearance of all the mass and energy in the universe and all the laws that govern it in a single instant from nothing. ~ Terence McKenna

So if we are dealing with an afterlife, we are dealing with units of consciousness – spirit – and if we in our physical meat-suits can affect devices by a mere emotional response, then non-physical consciousness can do likewise and maybe even more efficiently so.

It is not a stretch of the imagination unless you are not up to speed with alternative research and only viewing the world from a physical stance.

So the insistence from some – who apparently feel spirit and the afterlife are real – to then poo-poo the use of these devices, is throwing out the baby with bath water.

Audio Evidence Of The AfterlifeDoes this mean all devices communicate with spirit?

In every area of life, we have people who commit fraud for fame, money or just some type of attention. We also have some with agendas who purposely set up situations to fail and then point out that everything is false then.

Do not be conned!

We do not discount all house builders because some cowboy builders failed in their work or conned people. We do not cry that house building is impossible, citing examples from those mentioned above.

There will be devices, programs and such that will be absolute rubbish whether pre-programmed to cause false positives, or purely put out to trick the serious researchers and amateur enthusiasts.

Ignore Naysayers Who Run From Belief Systems Not Testing

Blindly following people who seem to put forward an argument based on materialism or Do Spirit Box Apps Workother people’s work without personal study and experimentation is crazy. Coming from a debunking mindset means you debunk, that is also not how you remain a true sceptic with an open mind.

Building a working hypothesis and showing your data IS, regardless of your personal belief systems or indoctrinated information. So if claims are made from either direction, best to ask for a link to their full working hypothesis including all data to support their facts.

If they do not have one because they are guessing or running from information that is not their own, then it’s an opinion based on nothing, most likely through fear only. Fear of not knowing the truth, fear of ridicule from their peers, fear of not fitting in so towing the party line and fear of something so much bigger than them that they fail to understand.

Perhaps even fear of spending thousands on education that does not answer the questions posed by those pesky open-minded individuals who get their hands dirty in the real world.

Do Spirit Box Apps Work

If you check this website, you will find hundreds of clear, intelligent communication from random Sound Generators. On our Youtube channel, you will also find a plethora of visual documentation to support our working hypothesis thus far (It is open to change in either direction I may add)

I’ve found a few devices that seem to work.

  • Echovox
  • Voxbox
  • Coultous ITC IP Box

However, rather than listening to my word, I would always urge people to do some personal testing. Nothing trumps your own personal experience; they will try, they will tell you your brains playing tricks on you and you are deluded but will offer no evidence of their stance, not data to back up their opinions.

Watch this video for information on the latest spirit box app I used and gained some enlightening results from. If you do go and conduct some research on your own, let me know how you get on.

Spirit Box App For Android - NEW 2018!

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