Disappearing light bulb

This particular incident happened in about 2006. I was at the time not working, and so spent quite a lot of time at home during the day. I had a heavy cold which may or may not be relevant (not sure it is relevant, but I remember it being the case). On the day in question I had woken up early (6am) and put the bedside lamp on to read. Not something I did every day at that time, which has always seemed very significant to me.

I read for a while and went back to sleep feeling quite unwell. I got up and went about my then normal routine of some housework and reading/computer use. Later in the day I went to turn on the lamp (that evening) and it didn’t work. Blown bulb I thought, and went to take the old one out ready to replace it with a new one. There was no bulb in the lamp (bear in mind I had used the lamp that very morning to read by). The bulb had been working when I switched it off in the morning.

I proceeded to check the whole area of the bedroom thinking that the bulb must be nearby. It wasn’t. I checked very thoroughly. Then a search was made of the household bin to see if somehow it had made its way there..! Nothing found.

I asked my wife of the time and two children (16 and 11) whether they had removed the bulb. They hadn’t. No-one knew where this bulb was, and to this day I have always found this incident significant for two reasons. One, I rarely if ever read that time of the day (thereby ruling out the bulb simply not having been replaced on any ‘normal’ day). Two, I had been asking psychically for something physical to happen for some weeks, and nothing had (that I was aware of anyway).

This made the case of the disappearing bulb more significant. Almost as if paranormal phenomena was being presented to me on a plate. I still find it quite remarkable, and I suppose the reason I mentioned having a heavy cold was me looking for a ‘sceptical’ explanation – in that I may have been a bit out of sorts and forgotten I had removed the bulb. That said, why would I remove a bulb that had been working that morning. Plus, even IF I had removed it, why then not replace it straight away as most of us would..?

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