Debunkers Debunked – You’re The Expert

Those who has experienced the paranormal first hand, are the true experts in this area of reality. They are – in my opinion – far superior than the people wheeled out on media, to give an opinion due to their learning of academic material, via text-book, in turn being classified as expert.

They are far more experienced – and thus expert – than those who are involved in sceptical groups or online websites, who in turn proclaim to be the guardians of reason.

Now that really is going to play havoc with the ego of some, already they will be boiling up into a rage at the very thought – that the average man or women on the street – is by far more experienced and knowledgeable with regards to beyond-normal phenomena.

You see, some people who are well read and possibly have a good education – with a left brain persuasion – feel the most overwhelming need and passion to down their fellow being, who reports an out of the ordinary experience.

This is because they recognise that these people have experienced something they have not, something they do not understand and thus deeply acknowledge, the aforementioned general pubic are more of an expert in this area.

The head-pest chitter chatter, within them, will not accept this and will begin shouting for things to be proven.

Where Is The Proof – Show Me The Data – Take The Randi Challenge – You’re A Fake

They have all sorts of vocabulary built phrases ready to rock and roll at you! Sound-bites to protect that simple part within that says “Someone knows more than you through experience”

We must not be too hard as its human nature after-all, but what I do urge in all cases of such behaviour is respectfully ignore, and move on with the path you are on.

You can see from the past articles I’ve constructed here, that I do tend to highlight this area periodically. Please be aware, this is not to have pot-shots at such people, I’m trying to actually raise awareness that using big words, sound-bites and cherry-picked Science, does not mean they have all the answers. You should never settle for such you see!

I want you to look at the word EXPERT then the word EXPERIENCE and realise that the clues are there for all who can see.

Just because you are placed as an expert through text-book knowledge, does not mean that your trump the average person with the real experience.

“Pure logical thinking cannot yield us any knowledge of the empirical world. All knowledge of reality starts from experience and ends in it.” – Albert Einstein

A set few people try to brush of your expertise – gained from experience – by telling you that your testimony is merely anecdotal evidence and must be rubbished. They say you are unreliable and that your raw experience is Invalid!! Yet, textbooks written by faceless authors with no attached real life experience are valid? How utterly interesting!

Winston Wu, author of the Debunking-Skeptics site says it perfectly:

The “anecdotal evidence is invalid” argument is perhaps the one most often used by skeptics, and also the core philosophical difference between believers and skeptics.  In fact, this issue is often the impasse point that the debates between believers and skeptics reach.  The term “anecdote” technically refers to an unpublished story or personal testimony.  But in this case, it refers to any eyewitness account or claim of a paranormal nature without hard evidence to corroborate it.

This classification is one of the main categories that skeptics put paranormal evidence into in order to dismiss it. (Another category being the “unreplicable / uncontrolled” group that scientific experiments supporting psi are often put into.  See Argument # 17 and Argument # 18)  Skeptics who use this argument often claim that the evidence we have for paranormal claims is largely anecdotal and therefore worthless as scientific evidence.  They also claim that anecdotal evidence is invalid because it is largely untestable and subject to error.  Some skeptics will even go so far as to say that anecdotal evidence is zero evidence.  Not surprisingly though, skeptics tend to quote anecdotal evidence when it supports their side! (another double standard)  Therefore it appears that classifying evidence as “anecdotal” is simply a dimissal tactic to try to discredit evidence that skeptics can’t explain away. http://www.debunkingskeptics.com/Page5.htm

As I said in the article We Are All Experts! back in October, No matter how many times our learned friends dismiss true experiences as anecdotal, irrational and not worthy of their “firing neurons time and patience“, these instances are very real, reported by millions and although subjective at time, are building together into a much bigger case of evidence.

Never allow anyone to tell you how to walk your path in life, or to judge your experiences. YOU are the expert and they are just repeaters, theorisers or Ignorant of the facts in real life.

Reality is not as objective as they THINK it is, as soon as you remove the subjective you invalidate the true nature of reality. They want a mechanical material model, as we all know, this is not representative of consciousness and our very existence.

Have a great day my expert experiences

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