Culross Abbey

Haunted Culross Abbey

Culross AbbeyCulross Abbey is a fine example of a former Cistercian Abbey in Culross. It was headed by the Abbot or Commendator of Culross.

It’s still used as the local parish church by the Church of Scotland.

The abbey was founded in 1217 by Malcolm I, and was first colonised by monks from the Kinloss Abbey.

Culross may have been chosen to establish an abbey because this was the birthplace of Saint Mungo.

It is evident that the abbey was built over the earlier Pictish church – supposedly founded by Saint Serf in the 6th century – as witnessed by the presence in the ruined Cistercian church of early medieval carved stones.

Culross is a hot bed for paranormal activity, with not only the abbey having sightings of the traditional ghostly monks, but also many reports from the village itself which is steeped in such history of black magic and witchcraft.

However, we had to focus our attention in this one area with so much to cover around the abbey grounds. In the future we will head into the other areas, and provide a report for all you great readers.

Culross AbbeyThis was a special location visit as I was joined again with Bryan Boyle – Fife mystic and very gifted medium – who as you will later see was spot on with the information provided.

Also joining us was Mark Turner; founder of Ghost Finders Scotland, Ghost Events Scotland, and World By Lens.

Mark is an astonishing researcher and one of the most knowledgeable guys in the paranormal field. I deem Mark as the best Investigator of paranormal claims to come out of Scotland, and one of the best in the UK in this area.

It was an absolute pleasure to work beside these two great guys, and thus, the amount of knowledge and experience at this location was second to none.

Spiritual Impressions

Bryan never failed to provide the information again, as when we stepped out the car he was hit with an overwhelming impression of hidden passageways under the location.

He apologised, as he said he could not wait due to the information coming thick and fast.

He was correct too, as there are reports of a ley tunnel under the location, a ley tunnel – for those who do not know – are long subterranean passages sometimes running under major obstacles such as rivers and lakes to reach their destinations.

Religious buildings, monks and the landed gentry are particularly common elements in many tunnel stories.

The name Malcolm was also a recurring name Bryan would mention, and again this is correct according to my sources.

The abbey was founded in 1217 by Malcolm I, Mormaer or Earl of Fife.

Culross AbbeyHe would go on to tell us about a link to the word Serf or surf, emphasizing he thought it was the former.

We see from the records that It is evident that the abbey was built over the earlier Pictish church, supposedly founded by Saint Serf in the 6th century.

I can verify his feelings of someone blind, a piper who plays alone, dogs, and kids all connected to this wonderful location.

They all fit the information nicely and the chance of coincidental hits, is far superior than one can imagine.

I have some more work to do on the Bryan tapes that are recorded, and will drip feed more information after I go deeper into the files and records. Stay tuned for that one!!


I can only give you the initial impressions of the sessions conducted on this audio Culross Abbeyprogram.

Early indications would suggest that the name George came out strong. As we spun around, we noticed we were actually at a memorial for a very influential character named George Bruce!

I will follow-up with this in another post here on the website.

We will need time to fully analyse, and ensure, the evidence is of good quality before going any further on this one.

Please do enjoy the following video from this location.


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