Ghostly Culloden Battlefield

Towards one o’clock, the Jacobite artillery opened fire on government soldiers. The government responded with their own cannon, and the Battle of Culloden began.

Bombarded by cannon-shot and mortar bombs, the Jacobite clans held back, waiting for the order to attack. At last they moved forwards, through hail, smoke, murderous gunfire and grapeshot. Around eighty paces from their enemy they started to fire their muskets and charged. Some fought ferociously. Others never reached their goal. The government troops had finally worked out bayonet tactics to challenge the dreaded Highland charge and broadsword. The Jacobites lost momentum, wavered, then fled.

Hardly an hour had passed between the first shots and the final flight of the Prince’s army. Although a short battle by European standards, it was an exceptionally bloody one. NTS

Paranormal Activity

Battlefields are no stranger to paranormal activity, such is the gruesome historic conditions that many a soul had endured. Those emotional moments were heightened by the fear, and uncertainty, of whether they were going to live or die.

Would they see their loved ones again?

I have walked the Battlefield at Culloden, with my past team of Investigators, who are in agreement with myself in regards to the atmosphere of this location.

No sound of animals, be that birds or other wildlife were evident, being honest, the place was very eerie with a distinct lack of noise. This was a Saturday tea-time visit, certainly not a quiet time of the day. Still, the atmosphere was heavy and quiet.

The reports from this location are what would be expected from such a historical place. Ghostly Soldiers still walk the field on the anniversary, these in my mind will be residual energy and not an interactive spirit. Somehow, which surpasses our current knowledge base may I add, the energy of these people has etched itself into the environment and is playing back, much in the same way as a video tape would.

An amazing phenomena worthy of much more Investigation, just do not try to get any coherence and sentient feedback.

How about “The Highlander” whom is tall in stature and is said to frequent many parts of the battlefield. Get close enough to this ghostly figure and you may just hear him whisper “Defeated” in your ear.

Personal experience is the way to be sure with regards to paranormal activity. You have to visit, you have to experience and then you have to personally conclude. Do not listen to me, do not listen to those who think they know how reality operates, go with your own senses and Intuition in these things. Go visit Culloden if you can and let me know what you think.

Please feel free to leave any comments or criticisms below.

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  1. It’s the silence and distinct lack of noise from the wildlife, truly is strange and the most atmospheric location I can think of.

    Massive Thanks!! 🙂

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