Crichton Castle Photo

Crichton Castle Photo

Is Crichton Castle HauntedCrichton Castle is a ruined castle situated at the head of the River Tyne, near the village of Crichton, Midlothian, Scotland. The castle lies two miles south of the village of Pathhead, and the same distance east of Gorebridge, at 55.8411°N 2.9895°W. A mile to the south-west is Borthwick Castle.

The following photograph was taken by Racheal Kornish, and sent into Ryan O’Neill for analysis. It was captured in the Bake Room approaching the main oven of the castle. The anomaly looks very similar to cigarette smoke and this was highlighted by Ryan in correspondence with Racheal, he was assured that at the time of this tour, no one was smoking and this was actually forbidden.

In light of the information provided, the anomaly has been marked as unexplained till more information can be brought forward.

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