Craigmillar Castle: Is Craigmillar Castle Haunted

 Is Craigmillar Castle Haunted

Is Craigmillar Castle Haunted Situated on the southern outskirts of Scotland’s Capital City sits the impressive and superbly preserved castle named Craigmillar.

The former fortified residence of the Preston’s, and latter leading Edinburgh lawyer Sir John Gilmour, this romantic location casts a stunning shadow south of the world-famous Edinburgh Castle.

Haunted Scotland thought that Linlithgow & Blackness had nook and crannies galore, that’s till we braved the wintry Scottish weather and undertook a search for the ghostly white woman said to haunt Craigmillar. Is she the only active apparition though?

Could the Earl of Mar be haunting this stunning location? I mean, after-all he was allegedly murdered by Sir Simon Preston whom had him taken to the Canongate, where he had his throat slit while taking a bath.

Could Earl John be looking for his murderer at Craigmillar Castle? Or, could his fully sentient spirit be keeping a keen eye on the comings and goings in the hope of gaining attention, or perhaps he’s walking the last steps – as the residual replay – before his forthcoming Canongate murder.

Is Craigmillar Castle HauntedWhat of the white women alleged to grace the Castle grounds?

The much travelled Mary Queen Of Scots could yet again be the residual or actual energy here.

She seems to be seen all over in Scotland’s most important locations, many which have been visited by Haunted Scotland.

The caveat here is that the energy, as mentioned above, may not be her active sentient spirit…..

What Do You Mean By Residual Energy

I wish to point out the difference between a Sentient Haunting and a Non-Sentient Haunting as I can only imagine you are scratching your head wondering what on earth this means, and what the implications are.

Sentient means a life form that actually has the ability to feel and perceive things along with conscious interaction. So the Non-Sentient, is obviously the opposite to this, and in a moment I will explain in what context this can apply to an alleged haunting. Is Craigmillar Castle Haunted

Set the scene; you are in the kitchen washing your dishes when suddenly a full manifestation of a transparent ghostly figure catches your eye.

On noticing this manifestation you lock eyes with it, smiles are exchanged,  it moves a few objects and dissipates in to the ether.

You call out for the energy to make a noise, it obliges with tapping on demand as if in some type of communication with you.

You have just witnessed a Sentient situation where the manifestation has interacted with you.

Using the same circumstances, this time you catch a glimpse of the phantom with the corner of your eye and then attempt to lock eye sight. It completely ignores you, no interaction at all, and it seems to be following a set movement pattern.

There is no awareness from this manifestation and on top of this, it’s been reported doing the exact same movements without interaction by many other witnesses.

This is a Non-Sentient haunting, a recording if you like, which has somehow recorded its energy into the environment to be triggered only under certain circumstances.

Is Craigmillar Castle HauntedSo to conclude, the sightings of Mary Queen Of Scots, could in-fact be the left over energy of her wonderful life at numerous Important locations.

Her emotional energy, etched into the very fabric of reality in some weird and wonderful way.

That is not to say that she could not still be very much active too.

After-all, she did stay at Craigmillar for three years between 1563 & 1566, and she has been known to linger in many places where she only briefly visited. Her emotional state was also alleged to be that of deep depression due to the horrid time she was having at this period of her life.

In the March before she returned to this location, her closest confidante, David Riccio, was murdered at Holyroodhouse.

Three months after this she gave birth to James VI of Scotland…she was in search of Solace and peace, and this very well may be etched into the fabric of the surrounding environment at Craigmillar.

Something to very much keep in mind. Is Craigmillar Castle Haunted

I did have a near heart attack on this previous visit, the nook and crannies that I joyfully walked through, threw up a startling surprise.

Pigeons, my goodness did I not half jump with the tell-tale shivers up my spine.

I let them know that this was not funny, much to the amusement of the curator who was near by and spoke of their friendliness.

This location is truly stunning and I’m glad I took the time to travel out regardless of the weather.

Another location that I heavily suggest is added to your must see places of Scotland, I know I will be returning in the good weather for more in-depth searching and further reporting.


So, Is Craigmillar Castle Haunted? I will leave that question unanswered for now, but more importantly, what do you think?

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10 thoughts on “Craigmillar Castle: Is Craigmillar Castle Haunted”

  1. Hi

    Around 20 years ago (know a long time) my daughter then aged around 8 and I went for a visit to Craigmillar Castle. Just off the kitchen, there is a small room. When I tried to go through the opening it was like hitting a brick wall, tried twice then got the hell out of the place. One of the attendants then told me that they had discovered a body in the wall when they were excavating this part of the kitchen. Very scary. Or was he just being funny?

    Sylvia Brend

  2. Hi Sylvia, thank you for your comment and sharing your experience.

    I’ve not yet heard the story in regards to the body, but will check it out soon! Sounds fascinating!! Do you recall how you felt at the time, intuitively, we all feel the environment and you will be able to tell whether to get out of an area or not! Sounds like you may have had a brush with some paranormal phenomena.

    Many thanks,

    Ryan 🙂

  3. Hey Ryan,

    I was in Craigmillar Castle just a few days ago (30.10.). There must have been a fatal accident ten years ago, because there was a bouquet of flowers laying in the field at the foot of the Western Walls (seen from the main portal of the building itself) with a little letter saying that the writer cannot believe it was ten years ago that the unnamed person died. I suspected it must have been a child who fell off the battlement.

    I saw this quite late, but I had a weird feeling from the moment I entered the main building with those two creepy trees in the courtyard. The feeling of “not being alone” in an odd way was most extensive when I moved through the Eastern part of the building and the courtyard.

    Regards, Maria

  4. Hello Maria,

    I’m saddened to hear someone has clearly had a nasty accident in the area. Breaks my heart!! 🙁

    Yes, I know what you mean in regards to the feelings – especially form the courtyard – as this was an area of interest to me also! I did get that overwhelming feeling of being watched, even though the place was quiet. There were a few area like this! I must return and attempt more audio work! Might be one for the winter with material shared here, on the site, for everyone!

    Thanks you for your feedback and experience, I thrive on these and it enables others to come forward with their similar stories.


    Ryan 🙂

  5. Actually, it was not for a person who had suffered a fatal accident at the site, it was for a late lady who had loved the site.

  6. I saw the ghost in about 1958 with a school friend (who was last heard of in South Africa more than 40 years ago) when we were about 10 or 11 years old. It was a woman in a white or very light-coloured Elizabethan-style dress/outfit close to the main entrance. We each separately said it was a ‘lady’. It was a dark very early winter evening, maybe 4.30 or 5pm. We didn’t tell anyone because we were trespassing and because no-one would believe us. At that time the fields around the castle were run as a pig-farm and the only occupied house nearby was the cottage of the pig-keeper one of the row of cottages at the castle entrance. This was at a time when clothes were just off rationing after WW2 and long before the extrafagant fashions of the late sixties. I read about the ghost afterwards in the Edinburgh Evening News at the time of the first Craigmillar Festival probably 1968. This was the first intimation for me that anyone else had seen a ghost there.

  7. Hi Rich, thank you greatly for sharing this experience, it adds more weight to the stories surrounding the castle, and peeks my interest to return again this year and carry out some more data gathering for sure. I may even share this as a new post featured on the front page as I feel personal accounts like this, are key to understanding and realising what is going on. Thank you!

    Ryan 🙂

  8. I visited Craigmillar castle ten years ago and I had the very same experience that Sylvia Brend had. I have just found out this website so it can’t be just my imagination.

  9. I visited craigmillar castle in 2005. And i saw king henry vlll he was stood right next to me in a long black cloak and was wearing a tartan scottish berri hat i didnt no at the time who it was untill i came home and investigated wat i saw. A picture of henry vlll came up. Scarey but wat a privilege i will never forget. I would love to go back.

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